Going Wacky @ Alive Museum

Trick art has arrived in Singapore. Alive museum which was started in Seongeup Korea . It had since spread its wings opening 15 th global branches in Turkey, Vietnam, Thailand, China and now Singapore.

The newly opened 10,000 square feet Singapore branch located in Suntec City is the biggest 3D illusion are museum in Singapore that offers a sensory experience that tricks one's visual and physical perceptions , bringing fantasy to life. All be artwork are hand painted and hand crafted by Alive Museum talented artists from South Korea.
When the Wackies learned that they were heading to the museum by invitation of OMY, they were excited. After all they are avid fans of museums. Little did they know this is one museum that is beyond their imagination. When we told them this museum is 'Alive' , they were skeptical. It was not until they saw the first picture taken that they were totally bowed by the concept and decided to immerse themselves and be part of the art.
Trick Art
I believe I can Fly!
The museum exhibits 3 forms of imagination art. There are Trick Art, Digital Art and Object Art. Trick Art pieces use 3 D technique to trick your mind into seeing illusions blending with reality.
The Dragon liar
Initially I was worried about the boys posing with the exhibits, especially Little Lou who had in recent times refused to take photographs. It was not long before the family got in the mood.
The main way to enjoy the museum is to have as much fun as possible. Forget about your standard photo pose with the peace sign. This is about getting as wacky as possible.
As you can see, the Wackies have no issue to living to their namesake.
I have you in my palm
We must have caught the boys in a great mood as they were hopping from one exhibit to another, posing at will. If you are at loss at posing there are suggested ways to pose. However I think for the little ones, just let them pose as they please. Trust me, you will get more mileage for it instead of asking them to perfect a pose.
There are shots that may have missed the plot due to the angles. Just move around and you may find an angle you please.
Wild Ride
During our visit , we do not that some of the spaces to take photos can be rather small. The art pieces are shown in different rooms. When there are more than 3 groups in a room , it tends to get a little crowded. Going there during non peak periods such as weekday might be a better option especially if you have children in your group.
On that note, do be considerate and don't hog the exhibit for that perfect shot, especially if you are travelling in a big group.
Who is the bigger brother?
There are over 80 pieces of art work at Alive Museum, so if you are stuck at one place, you might like to move on and come back to retake. However do note admission fee is only for one entry and you should not exit if you want to retake some shots you miss earlier.
For the more conservative parents, there are a few *ahem* adult rated themes, so if you think you would be offended! we suggest a quick walk through these art pieces ( top they are near the entrance).
Do take your opportunity to take as much photos as possible. One third of the collection is refresh every year, with special exhibits during various seasons to ensure repeated visits are worth the buck.
In other words, if you miss the opportunity for a shot the first time, you might not see it again, so snap away!
Oh No! ( Group Shot )
It is best to go to Alive Museum in groups or family. That way you would have someone to help you take photos. Some photos work better taken as a group instead of individual.
Trick Art Theme : Superheros
New Boyfriend
There are familiar Superheros at Alive Museum. Get ready to reenact your favourite movie scene.
Since the boys are fans of anything comics, they were very comfortable posing with their Superheros. We love this familiar theme.
Save by Superman
Trick Art Theme : Singapore
Merlion bath
Another favourite are the localized Simgapore theme art pieces.
Heading to Marina Bay
Regardless of local or tourist, familiar themes like thhe Merlion and Marina Bay will prove a hit. There are currently 9 local themes with another 20 in the pipeline for the Singapore 50 project come 2015.
Don't know how to pose, check out the photo tips
Digital Art
Blow me away
We were also introduced to Digital Art that combines technologies with art, enabling guest to have an interactive experience with the art pieces.
Disco King
In addition, there are free wifi for visitors so they could update their masterpieces to their social media platforms for sharing. Object Art
King C
There are also sculptures and installations that form Object Art.
Who is the Baby?
This will add a whole new dimension in the way you take photos
Add your own expressions to enhance the setting.
Help me!
Don't forget to get a group or family shot. We think the object art in the form of thte paper boat would be a great prop for such a photo.

It was good fun for the family, especially since the boys were in the mood for pictures. For a decent time at Alive, we propose to spend about 2 hours there to unleash your creativity.For added assistance in photo taking, look for these photo point stickers on the floor to give you the best angle for the illusion to work. We have seen photographers with tripods during our trip, we think it is not necessary unless you are taking photos of yourself. Moreover, due to space and crowd, a tripod might just create more hindrance than good. A mobile phone would work in these well lit rooms. Finally crop your photos at the end of the day to perfect the illusion.
Photo point
There are ongoing promotions at Alive Museum. The current promotion is to Like Alive Museum on Facebook and get a free meal at Burger King with purchase of a full price ticket.Alternatively purchase your tickets on line for a 20% Discount ( limited time only) with the code aliveopenFor current promotion , refer here.
Have a great time at Alive Museum!
Admission Fee
Alive Museum
Suntec City Mall
#03-372 ( Between Tower 3 and 4)
Adults ($25) Child 3-12 ($20)
Operating hours 10am- 10 pm ( Last admission at 9)
Alive Museum Singapore @ Suntec City
The Wacky Duo were invited for a review.

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