Happy Fearsome 4!

Dearest L

How time flies when you are having fun.

It seems like yesterday when I wrote post for you titled '3 is Divine' on your 3rd birthday . I would like to take the words back. 3 is not divine, not when you are now asserting your independence with a fiery stance. You are officially in your fearsome 4. At this stage, you may be furthest away from divinity. However one thing is for sure, you are at your most adorable phase, a baby transforming into a little charmer and back at will.

Last year, I feared your baby days will disappear and you would transform to a lean mean machine. It did not materialize and this adds to your irresistible charm (and your highly sought after pinch-able cheeks) . However with an additional year, it means additional pounds. It is almost near impossible to carry you for more than 10 minutes without taking a break. So for this year, my wish is for you to walk more and to be carried less. Alternatively I could work out and gain more muscles, but that would be a torturous task with no guaranteed result.
Guess my Age -Clue : It's between 3 and 5

Another wish for you is to start working on your ABC. Many a times, it was hard to sit you down for a proper lesson. Instead, you chose to rattle off your A to Z (missing a letter or two) and declared proudly you mastered them. For this year, I do hope you would start recognizing them and maybe even form a word or two.You are a loud lad, but only in front of the people you are familiar with. I do hope you will shed away the shy facade and show strangers what you have displayed in private. A charmer and a joker all rolled into one. You have a lionheart, unleash it to the world.

We have a whole year to work on my wishes for you. For today, you are the designated King of the household, and your wish will be our command.

Happy birthday my fearsome little one!

I love you.


  1. Happy birthday sweet little Lou!! :) May all your birthday wishes come true!

    love, Aunty Ai & family

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka