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If you have been following us the last few weeks, you would probably have seen our posts on our recent Melbourne Holidays. Having a blog is great to keep these holiday memories, however we think a photo book will be totally awesome to immortalize them. With a photobook, it will be easy to share these memories with your friends and families too.

It was impeccable timing that p;log decided to provide us a photobook for review. It will be the perfect opportunity to showcase our holiday in Melbourne.

p;log Photo book Review
Customised Cover
At the beginning of this project, it was a little daunting to chose from 1880 photos (that is the number of photos I took during the trip!) to fit into a 21 page photo book. However once we narrow down the pictures, we are good to go. There are various sizes available from p;log and we chose the CREATE2 (203mm X 203mm) , a convenient size photobook . Bigger sizes are available too.

After selecting your photos, it just take 3 simple steps to create your photobook with p;log.
  1. Register your account
  2. Upload and arrange your photos with the online page editor
  3. Submit once your masterpiece is done!

Make your own layout

The most 'difficult' processes would probably be choosing the right photos and the arrangements. We think if you sort the photos by events and colours, creating the album on your own would be a breeze. It took me about 2 hours to complete our holiday story. To be honest, I enjoyed the process, but there will be those who might find this phase challenging.
Other than pictures, you could choose to add text to enhance your photos. I had actually missed this step and only realised it after the photobook was submitted.

There are ready made templates to suit different themes that you may have in mind. Choose from birthdays, weddings, honeymoon, holidays, seasons, graduations, portfolio and a lot more to fit your picture book theme. You are sure to find one that would match your needs on the website.

Do explore the different layouts online. We had found traditional as well as innovative layouts such as the one below.

Can you spot the words I U?

If creating your own photobook seems like an impossible task with all the options , fret not. Simply submit your photos and let the p;log team do the designing for you. To enjoy this service, you would need to purchase the voucher for the photobook first.
Great for memories

In less than a week from the time we submitted the orders , we finally received the end product.
The Wackies are trilled to have their very first photobook!
Our Life in Print
A photobook can be created for various occasions. Other than holidays, you can consider other occasions such as 1st birthday, anniversaries or even create your own wedding album. It will be a perfect memento or a gift to your love one. The photo album comes in a nicely gift wrapped package.

So if you are looking for that special gift with a meaning, printing life stories on a p;log photobook would make an ideal option.

Printing Life Stories
p;log & HP Photocontest
p;log & HP Photocontest
Want to get your hands on a p;log photo book?
Do you have an eye for photography? Do you know how to capture a moment?
Submit your photos - Share your entries with family and friends. Get them to vote for your pictures stand the chance to win a p;log photo book every contest.
There is a new photo contest theme every 2 weeks.Most VOTED and SHARED pictures will win the new HP Tablet on the 1st of January 2015.

The Wacky Duo was provided a set for review

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