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'Clark Kent' Look

We need a makeover quick!

Dressing up for children may not be as easy as its looks. Every parent would want their children to look good. To give us an edge, we attended FOX Little Fashionista Styling Workshop for bloggers. It may not turn us from 'Clark Kent' look to Superman, but we were hoping for super tips to turn us into bona fide Fashionista.

Little Fashionista Styling Workshp
After the workshop, we picked up a few tips that we think would be the secret sauce for a successful makeover in Singapore.

'Make things happen' with FOX Singapore
The first rule for a fashionista is to be comfortable. In Singapore hot climate, the best material to wear for kids would be Cotton. If you are comfy, you are cool.

Thankfully most of the outfits in FOX are made of Cotton, thus we should have no problem finding the right outfit at Fox.
Always a Winner in FOX

Demin Wear
Layering in Singapore?

Before you say we are nuts, let us explain. Due to the hot weather in Singapore, it would not be surprising to find most activities are done indoors with air conditioning. Surely a pair of berms and a singlet would not work in such condition. Thus to take advantage of the climate, some light layering would give any child an edge in looks. If you are indoor, throw a jacket or a sweater on. If you are outdoor, simply peel away the top for a laid back look. Either way, you will look smashing.

To enhance the look, add texture to it. A demin printed top with a sweater will give it the wow effect.
Layered look by FOX

Funky Tees by FOX
Instead of plain colour Tees, find Tees with a funky message on it. These Tees will make the little ones stand out in the crowd. Selected Tees from FOX latest collection such as 'Make Things Happen' and 'Winner 35' will add a dash of character to the children personality.

With a little help from Evon, FOX Stylist
Another tip we picked up from Fox Stylist Evon, is to colour coordinate your clothes. If you are picking an outfit , match the colour hues. It would be better to match different shades of the colour instead of identical colours especially if it comes to layering. This would create contrast and depth in the look.

Blue is Cool

Mix and Match with FOX
Accessories are not just for girls. Boys can accessorize too!

Add a pair of shades and cap and viola, you have a hip hopper.

Hip Hopper by FOX
But not all accessories work. Colour coordination and the fit to the rest of the outfit is essential.

Just ask Little Lou.
Now you have the tips, you may like to head down to FOX for their new collection to update your wardrobe. There are Funky Tees, Demin tops, Mickey Mouse sweaters and more for you to choose.
New Collections @ FOX

Like and comment on the winning look at FOX Fashion ( Singapore) Facebook Fanpage and stand a chance to win FOX Kids & Babies $100 worth of apparels. Can't decide who to like and comment? How about 'Winner' Little Lou and ' Hip Hop' Big C ?

Good luck!
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