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 I want that toy!

If you have a toddler, you would probably be familiar with the line. If I was to give in to the boys every time I get the 'request', I would probably go broke by now. Still, you cannot always say no. Sometimes a little reward is necessary, especially if it is for good behavior. So in order to justify a purchase, I had come up with a checklist on choosing a toy for a child.

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1 Toys that encourages creative play
Melissa & Doug Fishing set
Toys that use imagination are always on top of our list. We like toys that encourage creative play. Creative play can deviate from follow the rules.

Take for example a fishing set from Melissa and Doug. There are many ways to play this game. You could do a mini competition on the most amount of fish caught in a minute, have a mathematical game by telling them a number and catching the fishes that adds up to the number, have a fishing game by colours. The possibilities are only limited to your creativity.
Mini fishing competition

2 Toys that encourage sharing
Play is more fun when there is more than one
Playing alone is not as fun as playing with siblings, friends or even parents. Go for toys that allow sharing. If you have more than one child, this is a necessity. Having the children sharing the toys will encourage them to play together.

Playing is Bonding!

3 Toys that represent a dream
Vilac wooden plane
Does you child want to be a pilot ?

If so, get a wooden toy plane from Vilac to encourage his dream.
Getting toys that represent a child's dream is a good way to show positive support to his or her future career. Even if the future cannot be foretold especially with a toy, this is a good way to introduce the concept of goals and dreams.

There are toys that mimics a possible occupation. There are doctor's set for the future lifesaver, construction set for the architects, arts and craft for the artists, ballerina for the dancers. No matter what is the dream, you can most likely find a toy that correspond to it. If all else fails, make one !
Future Pilot?

4 Toys that last for generations
Wooden toys
Look for timeless classics such as wooden toys. These toys are usually build to last and is environmental friendly.

You are not just buying a toy for your child, but you are building a treasure trove for your grandchildren and great grandchildren.

5 Toys that you build
I build this
Toys that needs to be fixed up to play are great for children, especially boys. Not only could they hone their engineering skills, it will also aid them in their visual and psycho-motor skills.

Build a toy today, build a building tomorrow.
Mic.o.mic aircraft set is a good start to encourage a child to build their own aircraft.
Build your own aircraft
6 Toys that are safe
When getting a toy, do make sure the toy is suitable for the recommended age. Other than that, ensure the toys are safe for children. That means keep away from toys with toxic dyes, poor workmanship and possible design flaws (such as sharp edges )

Instead look for Eco friendly toys or toys that have proven their worth with decent reputation and longevity.

Toys from Zero2Six are sorted according to age and it sourced from reputable and premium toy makers for the peace of mind.

7 Toys without rules
Mix and match
One thing I had learn from past experiences is to enjoy toys without any rules. It would mean mixing different genres of toys for a game. Toys need not necessary come from the same maker for you to play.
I tried to teach my boys the same theory. Now they are mixing it up when it comes to play. Toy soldiers from WW2 battles those from Star Wars. DC toys face an epic fight against the Marvel heros.
There are no rules, there is only fun.

8 Toys that they love
Toys we love
Lastly when choosing a toy, it is best to let the child choose the toy for himself. It is all about ownership, if toys are hand picked by the child, it would most likely be treasured and played with. After all it is the toy they want, not the toy Daddy thinks is cool for them.

Start playing with toys
To conclude, start playing with toys. Remember the iPad or the xbox are not toys. Get a REAL toy instead!

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