Da Vinci : Shaping the Future (Review + Giveaway)



 Have you heard about the Da Vinci Code?

It is a novel written by Dan Brown which hints of secret codes in Da Vinci works. I may not agree with what was written, but it did intrigue me and had me read more about Da Vinci.

If you do not already know, Da Vinic is a man of many talents. Mona Lisa and The Last Supper are synonymous with Da Vinci, He is also known as a polymath, sculptor, musician, mathematician, engineer, inventor, geologist , writer and many more. It is amazing how one man can wear so many hats in his lifetime. A true genius in any sense of the word.

Thus when Da Vinci : Shaping the future opens in Artscience Museum, I had to visit it to explore the genius within the man.

The Exhibits
Da Vinci : Shaping he Future
Da Vinci : Shaping the Future main draw would probably be Leonardo da Vinci original sketches known as the Codex Altanticus. The Codex Alanticus is Da Vinci's largest collection of drawings and writings and the pages are from loan from the Bibloteca Ambrosiana in Milan, Italy. It is amazing how a piece of history has reach our shores.

Other exhibits includes Everything Connect, a timeline of key events in Da Vinci life and beyond. Works from Lenardo Da Vinci, notably Da Vinci's studies on birds of flight. Last but not least, it includes Paintings from the School of Lenoardo, where original works such as Saint John the Baptist ( Salai) , Virgin of Rocks ( Andrea Bianchi) and The Virgin and Child (Giovanni Antonio Boltraffio) are displayed.

Do note that photography is not allowed for the Codex Altanticus and School of Lenoardo works.
Here is a peek of what to expect.

The Codex Alantics
Codex Atlantics in Singapore
Everything Connects
Everything Connects
Leonarda Da Vinci
Famous paintings by Da Vinci

Da Vinci and his school

The exhibits centered around five key subjects of Da Vinci's work. They are namely mathematics, natural science, architecture, technology and music,


One thing I noticed during the visit was how quiet the place could be. It seemed like most who visit would want to admire the works in hush silence. If you are bringing kids, this might potentially be an issue. Thankfully there are several stations along the way that allows the children to be whom they are... Curious little minds that have their own ways of expressing creativity.
Stations for kids
In fact it is at one of such station I discover a microbot from Super Hero 6! Well it is actually not a microbot but a Rhombicuboctahedron that is first visualize by Lenoard Da Vinci. The model of display can actually be disassemble and reassemble into various shapes via magnets ala microbots in Super Hero 6.

I am impressed with the simplicity of the idea and the different forms it creates (ok , I admit, I am a geek). It was on sale at $99 at the shop at the end of the exhibit. Unfortunately it was sold out when we were there.

Natural Science

The pieces curated for this exhibition is well thought out. The interactive stations for kids are also related to the various themes on display, ensuring the children picking up a little Da Vinci knowledge from this exhibit.


It is amazing to see how talented Lenoardo had been in his lifetime and how much he has contributed to society in his time and beyond. During this exhibit we learn about his town planning abilities and was amazed at his talents.

The Wackies decided that they want to be town planners too!


Da Vinci has a hand in creating several technology breakthrough.

He even dabbled into military art.
Of the exhibits shown, I was most impressed with the ship with revolving Armour. I could have swore that the creators of Transformers probably got the inspiration from here.


Little do I know that Lenoardo is a musician as well!

Shaping the Future
Lenoardo da Vinci continues to shape the future with inspirations drawn from his works. The exhibit also showcase a number of contemporary art installations drawing inspirations from Da Vinci work
Luke Jerram : Glass Microbiology, 2014

Conrad Shawcross : Projections of the Perfect Third (2011)

There is only one conclusion I have after visiting the exhibit. Leonardo is undoubtedly a genius and continues to inspire till this day.

That being said, the exhibit might not appeal to all, after all the man himself once said ' Let no man who is not a Mathematician read the elements of my work' , suggesting his works require a certain degree of the subject knowledge in order to be appreciated.
Be a future Da Vinci

Nevertheless it is not too early to start a child from experimenting from young. Maybe there is a future Da Vinci in them. .

Try making your own mini parachute or build your own mini structures inspired by Da Vinci at the activity space. Da Vinci challenge workshops are also available on a first come first serve basis from Sunday- Friday 430 pm where you will learn to experiment and create your own masterpieces.

Da Vinci : Shaping the future
Open till May 2015 at Artscience Museum
10 am to 7pm daily
Adult $25 Child $16 (15% discount for locals)
More information can be found here

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TWD was invited to the event for a review


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