Happy 8

Dearest C
Happy birthday my big boy.
It has been quite a journey getting you here. At 8 , you are far away from your tweens which means there is still room for toys, fun and a little wackiness. It is also at this age where your character develops and the foundation of who you will be sets in.

The past one year plus when you embarked on a new chapter of your life, otherwise known as primary school, had been surprisingly smooth for you. It was a good start and hopefully you can build on it. You had shown that you can be diligent if you choose to. There will always be distractions that will pull your attention away but you have your priorities right... Finish Schoolwork and concentrate on play.

It had been a good journey, but we are just getting started. There will be up and downs in the path ahead, but just remember we go through it as a family. Regardless of the challenges ahead, as long as we stay together and be there for each other, we will do just fine.

In the meantime, enjoy the last few years of official childhood. Forget about counting time (an obsession that you have) and enjoy the moment. Before you know it, tweens will come knocking at the door and the remnants of childhood will disappear.

Be contented, be generous, be happy. Be who you are.

Happy 8!
Love Daddy

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