Becoming 5

Dearest L

It seems like it was only yesterday that I cradled you in my arms. It was the second time I became a dad, but it felt as special as the first.

I remember the first few days. You were given the nickname of Parade Commander in the hospital due to your loud cries. Since that it had become a part of your trademark albeit it being unnecessary at times. Along that other traits emerged. You became the joker of the family , bringing smiles to our faces with your antics and infectious laughter. With a warm heart and a kind soul, you have shown us that sometimes we just need to be kids to enjoy life as we should.
They say usually No 2 is given a free rein in the family and to some extend it it true. In terms of discipline and rules, we have been quite lax about it with you. The truth of the matter is that we probably broke more rules than we should as parents. Nonetheless you have shown that sometimes it is best to let nature takes its course. Last year I was worried about you picking up your ABC. Thankfully you have conquered that hurdle. You could not read this letter on your own yet , but let's hope you can do it when you hit 6.
From 1-4
Today you become 5.

It was only a few days ago the nation had its' 50th birthday, one that you celebrated with gusto and pride. Today it is my turn as your Dad to celebrate your special day with not only pride but with gratitude. Through these years, it had become vaguely apparent whom you have grown to resemble in terms of looks and character. That said, it is still early days. There are many parts of you that are distinct to your own. With God's grace may you grow to be a fine lad.

Happy Birthday Son.
With loads of Love

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  1. What a beautiful letter from a dad! I can feel the love you have for your son. Thanks for sharing this three years ago.