The Last Goodbye...

The Watch stopped when 外公 first admit to hospital
Saying goodbye is never easy, especially when you know you are saying it for the last time to the one you love.

Last week, the family lost one of our patriarch . The boys 外公, the oldest in the family departed us on October 20.

After being admitted to hospital a month back on September 20, 外公 succumbed to pneumonia and late stage heart failure. Throughout the month, the family faced both anguish and joy. Anguish for the moments his health continued to fail... to the extent that he was in and out of ICU twice. Joy when we managed to bring him home with us for a week before returning to Tan Tock Seng where he passed on. It was most unexpected, especially since we had just travelled with him to Gold Coast in June. It is a reality that we are slowly accepting.

The night before his departure, the whole family gathered as one on his side. On the very day he passed on, he was surrounded by his love ones.
Mount Vernon Purity / Harmony hall
We will miss wai Kong. We will miss our travels with him, miss his presence during family gathering, miss the moments he plays with the kids. I still remember his “小宝宝 啊, 快快睡觉” song sang to the little ones to coax them to sleep. There will be no more 外公年糕 for me to savour during Chinese New Year.

In his last years, 外公 took an interest in bird photography. We honour him with a montage of the moments he captured.

The Photographer
On this All Souls' Day, we would like to say goodbye to 外公. You are not with us today, but you will always live in our hearts...

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