The Last Single Digit Birthday

Letter to Sons

Dearest C

You turn 9 this year. This meant that it would be the last year where you would celebrate a single digit birthday. Time flies as I watch you grow from a wide eye baby to a a handsome young lad.

Being the firstborn, there are many times that I may have not been my best as a dad to you. It is a learning process that will only get better with time. As the only child for 4 years, we had been very protective of you. Shielding and pampering you in your earlier years till now. It may not be the best way to parent a child , but it was our way to show you that we love and treasure you.

Throughout the years, you had constantly surprise us. You set timelines to do what you promise and you kept it. From sleeping alone, to stopping milk feeds, to not fighting to attend classes, you kept your end of the bargain and more. At the same time you have a knack for self regulation when needed. As a result it had been a rather fuss free period for us in terms of your academic progress due to your own  willingness and capability to adsorb and learn. Considering the lack of 'push' on our part, you had done well on your own.

Keep surprising us...

As you enter your tweens or scientifically known as preadolescence,  it will be another chapter in your growing up years. This is probably the period where you would stamp your own independence. As a Dad , I would also step aside parental control to let you blossom at your own accord. I promise I will not clip your wings to grow but at the same time I will always be two steps behind you should guidance be seek.
L Birthday present to C - World Greatest Brother!
Last but not least, continue to grow as the brother to L. You are his role model and he admires and love you for who you are. With every year as you grow , I hope your relationship with your brother can be stronger with a bond that cannot be broken.

Enjoy your last digit year.

Happy Birthday Son



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