Letter to Sons : Dad for a decade

Growing Up - From Birth to 10

Dearest Sons

10 years ago, I added a new title to my name.


It was 10 years ago when the older of you literally popped into life. As a newbie father, everyday was a learning curve. From changing diapers to having our first argument , each day presented a different experience. To be honest, our relationship was not as close as I had dream of when I was 'pre-Dad'. During those days, I envisioned days where we would hang out, chat about anything under the son and maybe share a cold beer or a glass of wine a decade later. However being a disciplinarian by nature, I tend to prioritize 'proper' behaviour over spontaneous  actions. As a result it stiffen the relationship. This had been one of the reason why we ended up missing the closeness factor I would have love.

Still, it is early days. This is only the first decade. As they say, being a dad is an occupation that will last a lifetime. As I get older and see the world differently, the facade of disciplinary master wears off. At the midway point of my life, I am at a stage where I would like to start living and stop worrying.  I am here to guide you on what is right or wrong but I am not here to control your destiny. Choose what you want to be in life and that is my pledge to you.

In watching you grow throughout the years, it has and will always make me proud when you had hit a milestone. Becoming 10 is one of them. There are  more milestones on the checklist, but in reality, it does not matter. I will always be proud of you as my son.

I am still earning my stripes as a dad.  Hopefully, one day, when you are one yourself, you will take as much pride as I had watched you grow up. There may be humps and bumps along the way but I would not have it in any other way. It is through your happiness that I am proud of my title as a Dad.

Happy Birthday, Son.


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