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Mason home decor : Gifts for special occasions

Looking for  gift ideas for special occasions?

If you are looking for unique and practical gifts, we have you covered. Gifts are often a way to celebrate events such as birthdays, Christmas or Valentine. At other times, gifting could be a random act inspired by Love, Gratitude or 'just do it' moments.

Since our last collaboration on making a Terrarium with Mason Home Decor, we had been invited to review a few items off their store. Here are some gift ideas for selected occasions.

Sharing Memories with Umbra Prisma Photo Frame
Umbra Prima Photo Frame from Mason Home Decor
A photo frame is one of the most under-rated gift. Yet, the picture it holds will bring memories for ages to come. Share the moment with this quirky frame from umbra. The unique frame will make the picture pop  as it floats with the classy glass. Frame could be wall hang or standalone.

Get the frame here

Housewarming with Steeltech table lamp
Steeltech Table Lamp From Mason Home Decor
The opening of a new home is always a welcoming occasion to attend. Add a little spark with the Steeltech Table Lamp to make the room shine brightly. This avant-garde table lamp can be reconfigured to either a desk lamp or a standing lamp. Clad in brass, it adds a touch of class to the home decor. As a bonus the illuminated light creates a dazzling pattern on the wall.

Straight up table lamp
 Either way, it will sure light up the homeowner's day and night.

Want one to light up your life?

Flowers from Farm Florist

Many of us associate flowers with Valentine's day or anniversaries . The truth of the matter is that Flowers are meant for all occasions. It can be the declaration of love, gratitude, admiration, devotion or simply to show someone that you care.

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The owners of Mason Home Decor created Farm Florist to provide affordable flowers with the most value for the masses. Lush bouquets of flowers meant to give a glow to the receiver are available for all budget. Choose from the selections of beautiful flowers from  $42 onwards *,

See the whole selections here

Get a gift today to show your love.
Masons Home Decor
Farm Florist

TWD was provided the above items for review
*Price as of 09 10 2017

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