Wacky Singapore Moments - July 2018

After a short hiatus, WSM is back!

We had good readership on our past WSM editions, so we thought let's just continue to give what readers what. Hang on tight as we bring you a recap of the Wacky News that grace our land.

Obike rides away  - Will I get my deposit back?
Source:  Obike

Obike owns   SGD 6.3 million worth of deposit to 100,000 people in Singapore. With no assets on hands ( all the bikes were collected and scrape) , it would be a miracle if anyone is going to get their money back. It will be up to the liquidators now.

Maybe the users should consider buying their own bike?

COE Falls back down to earth

July 1st Tender saw new lows in COE that we had not seen for quite a while. With UBER exiting the market, there are less demand for COE  ( not to mention the hundreds of cheap rides from Ex Uber related companies) It might still go lower in the months ahead

World Cup has ended

Say goodbye to the long queues in clinic for MC . Time to catch up on lost sleep

Lelong Lelong, let's buy a condo
Source : TNP

The Government decided to adjust Additional Buyer's Stamp Duty out of the blue. The notable increase was for investors buying second properties or more. This group of people would have to ay an additional 5% more in taxes. This lead to a buying frenzy from those buying multiple homes for investment. As a result, showflats resembled a fish market.

Come to think about it, these are people rushing to buy their SECOND property. 1st time property buyers might benefit as developers actually reduced the buying price of some developments the next working day. Given that property price tends to fall after such measures, there is no need to rush to get one now.

KFC Went Strawless (Starbucks too...)
No straws... how do we drink now?

A little huha on straws emerge when KFC and Starbucks took straws out from their cups to save the world. Suddenly, everyone forgot how to drink from the cup...

Ben Davis - Future EPL Star or Protector of Singapore?

Potential EPL Player seeks deferment from NS. It split Singapore into 2 sides. One for chasing dreams and the other for defending the country. It is a hard debate to have all the answers as both sides try to justify its stance.

The best neutral piece we had read is from here.

Still do not know who is Ben Davis?
He was nominated for Dollah Kassim Award 2 years back. The ironic thing is ... does the people arguing for his cause or against actually watch him play ?

Breach of SingHealth records

Hackers managed to retrieve 1.5 million information on the patients of Singhealth. This include personal details (NRIC Details)  and medical information. Even PM Lee is not spared. The aftermath... banks are NOT supposed to use details on the IC to verify a client. That is a BIG deal.

International Champions (Reserved) Cup?

PSG, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal rolls into town. Save for Arsenal with almost a full squad, PSG and Atletico Madrid are missing their star players who were involved in the World Cup. A tad disappointed for the soccer fans of PSG and Atletico Madrid.

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