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From farm to table

The Place

The Summerhouse Dining Room is famous for being the place former US President Obama dines with PM Lee on his last visit to Singapore.  It is easy to see the charm of this historical Black and White Bungalow in The Oval (Seletar Airbase) that was converted to a modern yet classy restaurant.

Mom and Dad star sign is the  'Scorpion'. As a Scorpion, the ambience is as important as food. In this aspect, The Summer House ticks the right boxes.

Choose to dine indoor or the Sun Room. We prefer the Sunroom for it's bright and airy feel. The lush greenery view did sway our preference. The overall feel is a casual, unpretentious and kids friendly dining location.

Overall, the nostalgic of yesteryear can be felt in the Summer House. We reckoned that it is also a great place to host wedding dinners and even birthday bashes. The interesting bubble seating place outside the restaurant adds to the charm. It is easy to see why PM Lee decided to date President Obama here.


Back to the main event. At the invitation of The Summer House, we will be sampling a selection of their new Brunch Menu. The meals prepared from The Summer House kitchen is made from the chef's selection of the best ingredients sources sustainability from The Summerhouse farms and even from their own backyards!

It is literally from the farm directly to the table.
The Summer House Kitchen Selection

Instead of individual meals, meals are served communal style and everyone on the table get a bite of the delectable dishes. Like the saying goes... good things must share.

The Summerhouse Kitchen Table

To kick off our experience, we had dishes from the Summerhouse Kitchen Table.
Open Portobello Mushroom Tart
The roasted Portobello Mushroom was plated on crispy thyme tart. Top with organic Cameron Highland Tomato Salad. it was a fresh way to open up the palate.

US Prime Short Rib Hash

Next up would be our favourite dish, US Prime Short Rib Hash.

The beef was tender and fresh and the Fried egg sprinkled with herbs was divine.
Gravadlax Bagel
The Gravadlax Bagel was a surprise.  It had a mix of Ocean Trout Gravadlax, Asparagus, Soft Poached Onsen Egg, Smoke Hollandaise toped on Toasted Bagel. Each bite was filled with an explosion of taste and ingredients.

Mud Crab Omelette

Handpicked fresh Mud Crab Meat is sprinkled on spring onion Omelette with Kampot Peppercorn Beurre Noisette.  The omelette was done just right, but the crab meat could have been a tad more as its taste was masked by the fresh garnish from the garden next to the restaurant.

Summer Weekend Roast
Summer Weekend Roast
The stars of the brunch menu would no doubt be the Summer Weekend Roasts. This comprises of a selection of wood-roasted meats and seafood served communal style with organic root vegetables, duck fat potatoes and a selection of sauces and condiments. Like The Summer Kitchen Table, the best way to eat is to share with your dining mates.

For those on Keto Diet ( Meats and Seafood), the Summer Weekend Roast would be perfect to fit in the diet.

Whole Red Snapper
If we were to choose, the Whole Red Snapper would be our choice. Fresh and fried in Lemon, it was a delight in every bite. For fish lovers, this would definitely get an A Plus. For the curious ones, the Red Snapper was purchased off a Singapore Kelong.

Mayuru Full Blood Wagyu MB9 + Flank
Next up, is the Mayuru Full Blood Wagyu MB9 + Flank. The beef is made of Wagyu cattle that show no evidence of cross-breeding and lineage that can be traced back to Japan. Deem as the highest quality of beef in the whole, it is a must-try for beef lovers. Take it Medium Rare to relish the Wagyu melting in your mouth.

Free Range French Poulet
The Free Range French Poulet is not your normal chicken. Full of flavour, the meat is much more tender as it was cooked steamed, sous vide and finished off in an lnka charcoal oven. The herbs added an extra oomph in each bite.

To cap off a wonderful spread, we had Rockmelon and French Toast for dessert. The Rock Melon is a generous mix of rockmelon, lychee, lemon cloud, mango pudding and almond crumble in a bowl. The French Toast is served with seasonal fruits and raspberry Yuzu Sorbet. A treat to those with a sweet tooth.

For $65++ per person *, you can have a selection of signature brunch dishes.

For 2-3 pax, it will be a selection of 8 dishes
For 4 pax and above, it will be a selection of 10 dishes.
Add $15 per pax supplement for Mayura Wagyu
* Camembert or Whole snapper are considered as 2 dishes
Prices correct as of Oct 2018
French Toast
For families with kids, there is also the kid's menu to choose from.

We only ordered the curly fries as our stomachs could only fill in this much after a hearty brunch.

Curly Fries
For those heading over during weekends, we suggest a walk around the lush estate. It certainly does not look like your 'normal' Singapore landscape.

Just next to The Summer house is an organic garden. There might even be mini-tours to bring those who are interested in the garden to sample the local produce.

It is a wonderful way to educate the children on sustainability. Who knows, it may even encourage the picky eaters to try vegetables the next time.

If the children need to work off what they ate, they can always head to the bouncy castle located on the premises.

Given that The Summerhouse was conceived as an idyllic summer retreat and it is summer all year round in Singapore, it would make a fantastic dining destination. For no frills, relaxing afternoon, the Brunch at The Summerhouse Dining Room would be the perfect family get together venue.

Check out our vlog here.

The Summerhouse Dining Room
Address : 3 Park Lane Singapore 798387
Website :
Brunch: Sat, Sun & PH 1130 am to 3 pm

The Summerhouse

TWD was invited for a media food tasting for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own

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