Travel Tales with Kids

Do you have travel tales to share?

If you love travelling with families and would like to share an adventure or more, head to our new facebook group - Travel Tales with Kids

Why this group?
Having sourced the internet for information, we realised that it might not be that easy to find information on the tip with travelling with kids. Some groups also restrict blog posts. In our humble opinion, it was a waste as such first had experiences are usually the best source of information when it comes to planning a trip with kids.

This group is set up for everyone and anyone who love to share their experiences. Be it your itineraries, a review of an attraction, your travel blog post, we love to hear you out. We had been sharing our travel tales on the blog throughout the years. Having a group will be a great extension to reach out to those who might want to know more about travelling with kids.

Join us today here... we will be sharing the best of our own travel tales with you there too.

See you at Travel Tales with Kids!

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