Creating Travel Memories with Printcious

What do you do with your travel photographs?

Many of us like to take photos of our travels. What do we do with the photos after the trip?
For some, we would share the photos on Instagram. While others will print it out and put in a photo album.

There are those that simply store it on the computer and maybe look at it after a few years.

With Printcious, you can now relive your memories everyday by turning those memories to items you would use every day.

You can design your own cushions, canvas prints, mugs, shirts, handphone cases and more with Printcious. Customisation your own creations would only make it more meaningful to you. Designing was a breeze as you can choose their samples and just add your own photos. You can also opt to customise your own designs as well.

Here are some samples that we have done
Pop Art Collage Cushion
Pop Art Collage Cushion from Printcious

You can choose your own design or create them using the samples on the website. We choose the Pop Art Collage Cushion because we love the touch of fun in the design. The rectangle pillow turns out to be soft yet firm at the same time.

Throw Pillows

Throw Pillows from Printcious

We added Throw Pillows in the mix because one pillow is never enough. The colours printed were vivid and true to what was edited. The material felt velvety to touch. Best of all, it is double-sided!


Mugs from Printcious
You know you can enjoy the cup of tea or coffee with fond memories of your holidays. Now you can with the personalized mugs. Choose from the samples provided or customized it on your own. Choose the normal mug or up your game with the magic mug that changes colour with hot or cold water.

Each mug comes with a personalized box.  It is definitely better than the off the rack mugs you receive for Christmas presents!

Handphone Covers
Handphone Covers
Add a little zest to your handphone with personalised covers. Not only will it make your phone uniquely yours, but you can also reminisce about your travels whenever you use it!
T Shirts
T-shirts from Printcious
Our last item was T-shirts. We always wanted to customize our own blog T-shirts and this was the perfect moment to do so. The t-shirt quality is great and made of 100% cotton. Do note that colours are limited to white and black for the moment.

Our orders arrived within a week from placing it. We consider this fast given the need to print the products.

Other than travel memories, you can create gifts for all occasions limited to your creativity limitation. For those looking for personalized gifts for occasions such as Birthdays, Christmas, Father's Days, Mother's Days or even Valentine. This would make the unique gift that would delight the receiver.

There is free shipping for orders above $80. There are occasional discounts for individual products as well. In addition, if you purchase above $70, you get to personalized selected items for additional discounts to as low as $1.20!

Get your personalised gift at Printcious today!

TWD was provided with the above merchandise for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own

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