Zoo Safari Run 2019 Race Report

It's our first Safari Zoo Run 2019

We had heard so much about the Safari Zoo Run that we decided to sign up for the Safari Zoo Duo Dash. It's a competitive 2 km run with an adult and child.  This year's edition proved to be very popular with over 6000 participants in the run from all categories!

Since we were the earliest kids group to run, we got there bright and early. Thankfully, we managed to find a parking spot as the open-air carpark was closed. From experience in other runs, it is better to be early than late.

 Being early had its perks too.  We were able to snap a shot with Chaweng the mascot as well as indulge in some up-size old school games.
Old School Games
 There was the familiar Milo truck on sight. We grab a cup to boost our energy before the dash.
Milo Truck

The best part of the race for us was running as a family.  Since this was an adult - child race, both Mom and Dad could run with us. 

It was not the prizes or the competition, but the opportunity to spend some family bonding time with each other.

The race began without a hitch. Crowd control was good and the number of participants decent for a run. Everyone ran at their own pace and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.


Unlike the urban runs, we took part in, this time we were running the in the lush forested area at the Zoo.

White tiger
 Since we were at the zoo, it was only natural to be distracted along the way...especially when you spot a white tiger looking at you
Let's go
 We tried our best to stay focus, but seriously with the zoo mascots out in force to greet you, it was easier said than done.

 We succumb to them and decided to take some snaps with them.
Say Cheese
 As a result, we lost out on the top 3 positions. To think we had trained so hard over the past few months we a jog around the park every weekend...

Still, everyone is a winner with the awesome Safari Zoo Run medal we got at the end of the run.

Check out our Safari Zoo Run Video

As we bonus, we also get to visit the Singapore Zoo and the River Safari for FREE on that day. That is a super value deal considering the price of the run is cheaper than the tickets itself.

It was a fantastic way to kick off the Sunday. We are already looking forward to the\ Safari Zoo  Run in 2020!
Let's train for next year bro.

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