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Dentist for kids

Looking for a family dental clinic in Singapore?

Fear of Dentist?

Looking for a dentist that caters to all ages?
One-stop dental clinic for family needs?

It had been our quest to look for a dental clinic suitable for the whole family. Our current arrangement was to have a separate dentist for the kids and adults. While this arrangement is fine, we decided that visiting a dentist together as a family would go a long way to allay the dreaded irrational fear of visiting a dentist.

We had good encounters with kids dentist so far, but not much success with a dentist for adults. Most dentist like to specialise either in kids or adults. Those that prefer younger patients may not want to deal with complicated tooth problems found in adults, while those that prefer older patients may have an aversion dealing with wailing kids on the dentist chair.

Aj Warren Dental Clinic

It was a long-shot to find one that would cater to all ages, but we would love to find one in the market.

Base on research, we decided to give AJ Warren Dental Clinic a shot. With 5-Star rating reviews on Google Reviews from both clients ranging from adults to children, it seemed like a good place to start. We decided to make an appointment for all of us. Yes, you read correctly... that is the 4 of us. We spend a few hours there to sort out our teething issues. It was by far one of the most productive treatments for our teeth. In fact, we like it so much that we decided to do a review on AJ Warren Dental Clinic.

Here are 8 reasons why I think it will be our next Family Dental destination.

1 Ambience - A Clinic or a Home?
Reception @ AJ Warren Dental Clinic
You may find it odd that the first point on the list is the ambience. Usually, when you visit Dental Clinic, you would expect a cookie-cutter reception area with several dental rooms that are sterile and imposing. It does not help if you have claustrophobic tendencies and hate the idea of being confined to a small room.

Flight to whiter teeth

When we step into AJ Warren Dental Clinic, we were immediately wowed by the setup. Instead of your typical reception area, we thought we had stepped into a show flat.

Feels Like a home
Clad in light and earthly tones with warm wooden hues, you would mistake this place for a living room. Looking like a page out of home decor book, there is hardly a hint that this is a clinic. With the scent of lemongrass filling the room, you would think this is more of a spa than a clinic.
Hidden X-ray
Space was very well thought of. The X-ray room is tucked away behind a hidden panel. The sterilised room for equipment resembled a pantry rather than a lab.
Dentist with a View

What really blew us away was the treatment area was on the Mezzanine floor.
Open Concept Treatment Room
It is our first open concept Dental experience. There is only 1 dental chair on the vast loft area overlooking the ground floor.  In terms of ambience, this beats ANY dental clinics we had been to date.  The whole concept was designed by the dynamic duo Dr Andy J Warren and his spouse/partner  Joanne. They are the owners and form the dental team for AJ Warren Dental Clinic.  From what we can see, if they can pay so many details in interior design which they treat as a hobby, we are certain that they will as detailed if not awesome in their dentist hats too.

2 Exclusivity
Open Concept
Unlike the usual boxy dental room that we were accustomed to, this clinic felt like a first-class lounge. We had exclusive use of the space as the dental treatments are preferred to be by appointment instead of walk-in. As such, we were the only patients on that time slot allocated to us. Instead of waiting with others, we had the whole place to ourselves for the period,
Chill time

Talk about exclusivity!

3 A Family Affair
As mentioned earlier, we booked treatments for all of us in the family. That included 2 adults and 2 children.

Good with Kids
Cool Dude

The boys started their treatment with a regular check-up. Depending on your needs, you can customise each session according to it. It felt more like a bespoke session than simply another day at the dentist.
Say Aw

Another plus was the way the team interacted with the kids. The boys were put at ease during the session by Dr Warren and Joanne with their friendly and jovial banter. In addition, since it was an open concept set up, Mommy and Daddy were also there to watch over them.
Our Dentist - Dr Warren

Any fear of dentist dissipated the moment treatment started. Even though there was a TV  on the dental chair to distract the kids, it was not switched on during the treatment. The boys hardly noticed it as they were chilling and enjoying their treatments. Just check out their grins after treatment.

Gentle with Adults

The adults had their moments on the dental chair too.  Compared to other dental treatments elsewhere, there was no grinding of teeth as the process of cleaning the teeth was calm and soothing. Daddy had some plaque on his teeth and it was painlessly scrapped out compared to his past experiences on the dental chair.

Adults dental treatment
With Mommy, due to her sensitive teeth, the Doc spend quite a few moments just to make sure that pain was minimized during the cleaning process. During the session, he also advised doing the treatment in parts so the patient would not feel uncomfortable due to pain. In truth, Mommy has a huge fear of the dentist due to the pain. On that day, she was completely at ease with the treatment rendered. Without hesitation, she had decided on another session for a proper clean up.

Truth be told, the lemongrass scent helped as it put everyone at ease,
AJ Warren provides a comprehensive treatment to cater to both children and adults. The services provided by AJ Warren Dental Clinic include essential treatments, cosmetic treatments and surgical treatments.

Essential treatments would include routine check up, scaling and polishing , fillings, root canals and more. Cosmetic Treatments include professional teeth whitening, cosmetic crowns and veneers and
Smile Makeover. Surgical Treatments include Wisdom Tooth , dental implants and gum tissue repair.

It is essentially a one stop dental clinic that caters to both young and old.

4 Painless Teeth Whitening
LED Tooth Whitening
Dad decided to try out their professional teeth whitening treatment. This Glamour whitening  treatment only lasted 10 minutes and was a painless process.
Say Cheese
As it whitens the teeth using LED technology, it was relatively pain free This is an effective treatment for those with sensitive teeth. After just 10 minutes, the teeth were a few shades lighter.
Can you tell the difference?

It is visibility noticeable after one treatment. 4 plus decades of yellow teeth was cleaned up in just 10 minutes. Amazing!

You could opt for follow up treatment to get even whiter teeth if needed.

5 Spa Treatment for teeth
AJ Warren Dental Clinic is not only a family dental clinic. It has plenty of feathers in its hat. One of the thing we noticed was their Dental Spa Menu.
Spa Menu
You probably heard about spa packages that caters to the body and mind, but we bet that a dental spa treatment is probably a rarity to one than the norm.

The smile is an important feature of your appearance. Be it a social gathering, a job interview, meeting clients, a beautiful smile goes a long way. At AJ Warren , you could create that smile in a spa like environment. With small touches such as the scent of the room, petal candles, the soft tones of the room put you in a relaxing mood to work on that smile.
The Scent
The dental spa package would take a couple of hours, so do book your appointment in advance!

6 Use of Baby Bonus
Baby Bonus
As AJ Warren Dental Clinic is a family friendly clinic, you could use Baby Bonus and Medisave to offset certain treatments there. This is a boon to parents.

In terms of pricing, we found that it is relatively comparable to most of the dental clinics service. Given the exclusivity , it may even be considered a bargain.

Brush your teeth

7 Accident and Emergency

While flipping through the compliment where patients left their feedback in the clinic, we chanced by a post that stated that the patient was thankful for being treated in the middle of the night for their teething issue. Being curious being, we asked about the incident.

Apparently, operating hours are flexible. Since they have no restriction on operational timings, if circumstances called for an emergency, they will open the doors for their patients when available. If you have been to Accident and Emergency, you would have known about the long wait and high charges. To have this AJ Warren Dental Clinic as an alternative option, would mean a peace of mind in case of emergency. Such service only highlights the trust and relationship they have with their patients.

8 The Team Chemistry
The Dynamic team
Throughout our treatment, we observed that both Dr Warren and Joanne worked well as a team. It is often said that husband and wife should not work together in case of work conflicts. Yet, we think this pair of dynamic duo defy the conventional norm with in sync movements that compliments each other during the treatment.

One of the noticeable family bonds would be the photos of their family adoring the walls of the clinic. This spoke volumes of them in terms of bringing a bit of home to work.  The homely setting will put families at ease in the clinic
Family Affair

The Verdict
We love the treatment rendered and the atmosphere of the dental clinic. If you are cringe about visiting a dentist , a visit to AJ Warren Dental Clinic will change your mind. This was probably one of the best dental experience for both children and adults that we had experienced.
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We loved the experience so much that we even left a review on their feedback book.


AJ Warren Dental Clinic is located at Icon @ Pasir Panjang. It is located on the second floor and is accessible from the lift at the Icon@ Pasir Panjang. There are ample parking spaces opposite the road in an open carpark. It is best to call for an appointment before your visit.

AJ Warren Dental Clinic
218 Pasir Panjang Road
#02-11Singapore 118579
Tel : 9827 5557

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