is 7 - Living the moment is 7 years old. 

It started with one
Yes, 7 years in existence on the internet. When we first began 7 years ago, we did not know where this blog will take us. It started off as an offshoot of a personal diary of Big C. When Little L came along, being the lazy Dad, I decided to consolidate their journey into one by creating one website for both -

The rest, as they say, is history...

And we became a Duo

The Beginning 

The website was only a month old before we were nominated for Best Family Blog under the now-defunct Singapore Blog Awards (SBA). It was a pleasant surprise given the relatively young age of this site. Literally picked from obscurity, this little mentioned on the SBA kick-started our adventures. Today, The Wacky Duo is synonymous with Family, Lifestyle and Travel related articles.

With the slow decline of the blog, posts had become a little less random. We evolved throughout this journey as readers priorities changed. Instead of a personal diary,  The Wacky Duo had reinvented ourselves as a publication for Family Lifestyle and Travel in Singapore and beyond. We are constantly evolving to remain relevant to you.
The Wacky Duo Team

For first time visitors... a warm welcome. 

A quick introduction first. 

The Wacky Duo is essentially a pair of brothers living a not so typical life in Singapore. Instead, of monotonous tuition and weekend enrichment classes, we used our website as an excuse to enrol into the University of Life. 

Daddy occasionally plans for events or travels to spice up the boys' lives. In return, we would then share essential family tidbits such as Family Events, Parenting tips, Travel Itineraries on this website.

I got you bro
From a humble footnote on the Internet with only 5 readers a day (Dad, Mom and 3 mystery readers),  we have grown to a readership of more than 60,000 per month. For the past 7 years, we have over 6.5 million page views on the website. Considering that this is essentially a one-man operation (Daddy writes, photographs and edit), to achieve that is quite a feat.

Nonetheless, managing an ever-growing website while working had been challenging. A year ago, Daddy decided to invest 100 % of his time to this website in the hope to bring and share more family lifestyle related articles. It is also his way of giving back to society. We had since increase the number of posts while rekindling our Youtube Channel (Please Support lah)  to bring these post to life. Together with this website, we hope we can grow to bring you more family-related articles that you will enjoy.

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Today, The Wacky Duo is one of the most-read family websites in Singapore in 2019, it is a badge we proudly treasure. 

We decided to commemorate this occasion with a family photoshoot with Bespoke Photography
Bespoke Photography is a team of experienced photographers aiming to capture life's moments. Boosting a team of young photographers who specialise in different events such as newborn photography, event photography to family photography. 

Shown in this article are samples taken from our session at Botanic Gardens. Our session lasts an hour and we were given 70 edited photos that were delivered within a week. At a cost of $200, it is a decent price for a simple family shoot. 

You can make a booking here
Last, but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers, sponsors, family and friends who had been with us throughout these 7 years. Without you, we would probably not exist in this space. We hope you will continue to support us for the years to come.

From our family to yours...


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