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Why You should bookmark The Wacky Duo for COVID19 News

Looking for local COVID-19 News?

If you had been our regular reader, you would have noticed that we had shifted from Family activities to COVID-19 posts. Since the Pandemic took to our shores in Jan. Life had never been the same. Over the past 2 months, we had written over 60 posts on COVID-19. If you are new to this website, here are the reasons why you should bookmark our COVID19 page

Not your usual News reporting site
Unlike conventional news portal, we do not simply rehash the news. Articles that are written by us are purposely laden with our own insights. We are Apolitical, thus views are meant to be Honest even though it may ruffle a few feathers. Our posts are not meant to be fluffy but as simple and straightforward as possible. As we are not bounded by any organisation, our views are unfiltered and most of the time politically wrong on both sides. We are not fear-mongers but truth-tellers. If things are good,we tell it like it is. If things are bad, we do not sugarcoat it.

All relevant information is from an official source, we do not sensationalist news for clicks.

Once is a fluke, Twice is a Coincidence, Three  is a trend

Not wanting to toot our own horns, there are a few times when our views or predictions ended up being fulfilled or picked up by the authorities. We are not certain if the G's online patrol team is reading this, but if they are, we are always willing to contribute. You know where to find us.

Here are some of the posts we had written

1 Feb 10: Beware of Possible Scam - Website Selling surgical masks
We were the first local website that reported this possible scam along with proof of the scam. The post was shared over 1000 times and as a result, the community was aware of this scam before it is allowed to escalate. As of today, the website no longer exists.

2 Feb 24: 4 Waves of COVID-19
When Singapore reported 0 cases for COVID19 on Feb 23, we warned of the dangers of being complacent and possible future waves including Imported cases from Overseas Ex China. This new wave emerged on our shores on March 5.

You can read this here

3 March 15: Report on Imported Cases

We highlighted the need to reassess our own travel plans due to the spike in imported cases on March 15 including non-essential travel regardless of destinations. This is also where the spooky part starts to materialise. Our suggestions were being implemented a few days later by the government.

4 March 16 : Social distancing in crowded events. 
We highlighted the need for social distancing in crowded events. This is particularly so in attractions. With discounts and deals, we anticipated that there will be crowds during the March school holidays despite the threat of the virus. On March 18, Singapore reported the largest number of confirmed cases till date at 47.

Again, we highlighted this risk on March 19.

On March 20, the authorities announced new measures for events and attractions, including the need for social distancing in public places.

Read the new measures for events and gatherings here

5 March 21: Suggestion on a Temporary ban on ST Visitors
Noting the possible spike in number of Short Term Visitors heading to Singapore despite the SHN for treatment, we suggested closing the borders on March 21.

On March 22, the government officially announced the closure of the borders to Short Term Visitors

6 March 22: Predicting School to reopen despite the spike in numbers
Since the announcement (March 19) that schools will reopen on March 23, there had been an escalation of confirmed cases that lead to speculations that school might extend the holidays. We weighed the pros and cons, concluding that school will reopen.

One of the main reasons provided is that there are no recent cases of infection among children under 18. Along with the stricter measures, it should reopen. In the same post, we did cite concerns about reopening of schools as well.

An update by Minster Ong confirms the reopening with similar arguments for and against reopening of school.

Once is a fluke, twice a coincidence, three times a trend.

As you can see, we are more than just a news portal that rehashes news. With a string of predictions/ suggestions coming into fruition, is it time to say "Show me the Money?"

We have many more information on our Facebook Page.
You can follow us at THE WACKY DUO Facebook for more analysis and insights on COVID19

Family-Centric, Singapore Focus
Not wanting to lose our identity, the reports on Covid19 are mostly Family centric and Singapore Focus.

Here to stay as long as there is a threat
We started this segment as soon as Singapore cases start to emerge. We will stay here till it is over. This is our promise to you.

After the gloom, comes the bloom
When COVID-19 passes us sometime in the future,  we do hope to continue as a resource for your family lifestyle needs.

How do we (I) do it?
In reality, we are just a singular person. This website is run by one person.  You can read about my story at the Facebook Post

As of now, I am running the website on a full-time self-funded basis. The posts on COVID-19 are not sponsored or funded by any organisation. As a concerned citizen, I thought this would be a good platform to share my insights.

If you are reading this and you think you have benefitted from it, do help to share this. If you have a role that could utilize one with a keen and analytical mind, consider this as a resume for analyst or consultant roles.

Stay Safe!

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