Daily Dose : COVID19 Apr 13

Penalties and Mask kicks in

Good Morning. Time to start another week of HBL and WFH. Before we do that, here's our Daily Dose of happenings on Easter Day.

@ Singapore

1) 233 cases reported, 167 unlinked, 26 Singapore Residents

2nd highest number reported. This time round there was another segregation - Singapore Residents. Although the numbers for unlinked cases remain high, the infection to Singapore Residents is still within a manageable range. Imported cases have since dropped to zero

Link to known clusters: 51
Link to other cases: 15
Pending Contacts: 167 ( 16 Singaporeans/PR, 10 LTP holders, 141 Work Permit)

Source: MOH

2) Mask is now compulsory at most places

-Public Transport
-Convenience Shops
-Food outlet Workers

Source: TWD

3) Singapore above 21 to receive payout of $600 from Apr 14
That would be tomorrow. Should help with the higher grocery and electrical bills for the month
If you have not  registered an account  for payment, sign up here  https://go.gov.sg/spsc

Source : ST

4) Workpass Holder ban from working in Singapore for breaching Circuit Breaker Rules

He has been stripped of this pass and permanently banned from working. Had been caught loitering for the whole night on Apr 9. 

On a separate Note, 39 fines were issued to work pass holders. Please stay at home.

Source:  ST

5) 200 Composite Fines on Day 6
Workpass holders are not the only group guilty. Singapore residents are just as oblivion or defiant. 


6) Mcdonald's becomes a Cluster at some branches
McDonald's Lido, Forum Galleria, Parklane and Geylang East Central outlets closed
McDonald is now listed as a cluster. Guess no happy meals for the time being.

Source: ST

7) Playfield Under SLA Closed
The huge land space in some estates (otherwise known as playfields ) will be closed due to crowds not adhering to safe distancing.

Source: ST

@ World

Fast approaching 2 million mark with 1.85 m infection worldwide. Death rate a 114k or 6.1 %

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