Top 5 Hunting Games to Play!

Hunting has always been in our blood.

In the past, the first humans hunted for food. These days hunting has taken a new form. For example, hunting is often used as a description for a sales job and in some cases looking for a home (househunting). Nonetheless, hunting is still prevalent in some parts of the world. Some still hunt for food, while others hunt for game.

There are hunters who use the latest rifles and scopes ( learn more here)  while nomads hunt by bows and arrows. These can be found in regions with vast land and wildlife. In an urban setting, it would be hard to spot an animal on the streets for this activity to be allowed. 

If you are interested to hunt but do not want to harm the dwindling animal population, hunting games are the next best alternative. For city folks, hunting is a good escape to the virtual woods and provides a different environment that what one is used to.

The marksmen trained from the army will find hunting a natural progression to hone one skill. Instead of moving to places like the US and engaging movers such as Bekins Moving Solution to relocate, you can now do your ‘hunting’ on your screen at the comfort of your home with these 5 games

Top 5 hunting games

The Hunter: Call of the wild

Acknowledged to be the best game in the market, Hunter : Call of the Wild is  aPC and console game that lets you experience the trill of hunting in a realistic set up. There are 15 animals you can hunt and a wide variety of weapons you could use to hunt.

The game has elements of hunting build into it. You can track, stalk and harvest animals. It's not simply a point and shoot game.

You can purchase it here

Hunting Simulator

Live the adventure of the hunt from Alberta to Texas in  Hunting Simulator. It is the latest release in the games reviewed here. You can track up to 37 different animal species with realistic behaviours in this game.

Check out the review here

You can purchase it here

Deer Hunter 2018

If you prefer to play your game on the go, Deer Hunter would be the game to play. Shoot deer, bring your dogs, spear sharks, discover historical sites in this game. You can even cast your rod and reel in fishes in this number 1 game on mobile.

Dino Hunter : Deadly Shores 

If you feel that shooting animals is not your cup of tea, how about dinosaurs instead?

Since Dinosaurs are already extinct, hunting them will not break any laws. However, in this game, you will be hunted too, so you need to stay nimble. There are unique challenge series set in exotic locations and plenty of Dinosaurs to hunt

Pokemon Go

If you are looking for something more child friendly, less violent with a lot of cuteness, Pokemon Go is the game to play. No weapons used here save for Pokeball. This is an augmented reality mobile game available on your phone. With over 500 million downloads, this free to play game allows you to catch up to 600 pokemons in the game!

These game should satisfy your hunter instinct. Unfortunately, you cannot take your prize and head to meat processors, you can always play pretend and purchase the meat from the supermarket.

Most importantly, no animal was harm and you can play all over again!

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