CNY Covid19 Rules : What you can and cannot do!

Are you clear about the restrictions impose on households for CNY? 

Judging from my Whatsapp chats, there are many with 'innovative' ideas that seem to contradict what is being implemented. From today onwards, new rules will be implemented for CNY. Do note this would apply for everyone regardless if you are celebrating CNY. 

Here is a snapshot of the rules and restrictions.

Cap of 8 unique visitors per household per day

What you can do

The cap is excluding the household members themselves. So if you see a household with more than 8 people, do not be the fool to take photos and post on stomp.  You can have different rounds of reunion steamboat dinner up with up to 8 guests provided they are on DIFFERENT days.

What you cannot do

The rule only allows up to 8 visitors per day and NOT per visit. So do not be a smart alec and decide to make a time table for rotation of groups of 8 for one day. Do note that this rule applies to everyone regardless if you are celebrating CNY. So if you are thinking of inviting 2 different groups of 8 friends over from today for poker, think again.

The next best alternative is to have zoom or Google meetings. Meeting at MRT is not exactly a good idea.

An individual should limit themselves to visiting at most two other households a day, as much as possible. 

What you can do

Technically, you can visit more than 2 households as this is only a recommendation. Given how recommendations are flouted openly, we would not be surprised that people would choose to ignore this especially if one is still single and can collect Ang Pows! 

What you cannot do

This is a recommendation, so you pretty much can get away with visiting more than 2 households. However, playing safe at this time is a smarter thing to do. Trying to circumvent the rules to suit your agenda is just plain selfish. 

Gathering of not more than 8 outside the house

What you can do

You can meet in groups of 8 outside the home. This is a Phase 3 restriction.

What you cannot do

For those who suggested meeting at parks or MRT instead of home, please be sensible about it. Of course, there will be those who decide that Covid19 will be taking off during CNY and break the rules. If you do get caught, we will highlight that on our Daily Dose updates. 

Please do not be the one that declares that multiple meetings of groups of 8 can be arranged. Yes, it can be done, but it is just taking unnecessary risk. If you need to have a bigger group than 8, arrange to meet at the household with the largest group together with 8 other guests. Cater your reunion dinner instead.

Facemask must be worn while tossing Yusheng

What you can do

Have Lohei at the restaurant.

What you cannot do

Yes, this one is true. It is specially written that "Lohei should be done without any verbalisation of the usual auspicious phase. "

If you need to, you can use this video as a substitute.

No singing and other live performances at F&B establishments and work-related events where food is served.

What you can do

Talk softly

What you cannot do

Have a singalong at the table where food is served. It means no 'Happy Birthday' too.

This applies to both entertainers and diners!

No multiple booking at the same restaurant

What you can do

Eat out in groups of 8

What you cannot do

For those thinking to circumvent the rules by booking a whole restaurant for the family, do note that this is not allowed. The only exception is for those in the same household. Unless you can prove your auntie, uncle, niece, nephews, cousins are all staying with you, a multiple booking of more than 8 means you are breaking the law.

No Lion Dances and Dragon Dance performances at home and residential areas

What you cannot do

With the limit of 8 guests per day, having a troupe of 8 coming down to your house would already bust the quota for the day. No need to invite guests already if this is the case. This practically rules out any lion dance for CNY at home

What you can do

Create your own Lion dance with bedsheets and carton boxes. May not the be the real deal, but guarantee lots of laughs.

The Consequences

Other than fines expected if such groups are caught, if clusters are formed, we may have to revert back to Phase 2 or Phase 2 measure. Do not make the whole nation hate you for stalling their lives for a moment of personal pleasure. 

For a safer time

To sanitise your hands during your visit. CNY means a lot of handshakings, ang pow exchange and the possibility of bacteria passing to each other.

Use Walch 0.25 to sanitise your hands

We recommend using Walch 0.25 Speed Foaming handwash. Instead of touching the soap pump, simply place your hands under the dispense and foam will automatically dispense in 0.25 seconds. Very hygiene for CNY.

Oh, if possible, keep the mask on.

Have a Safe CNY!

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