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Budget 2021: A disappointment for ordinary folks?


Daily Dose: Budget 2021

So it was the budget day. Given the generosity of 2020 Budget, we were hoping for a lot more for this year's budget.  Instead, it turned out to be a budget similar to the pre Covid19 days where the sandwich class is given a short stick.

While there were some goodies such as CDC vouchers, Edusave top up a GST Voucher special payment and top-up, it pales in comparison with the announcement of GST hike from 2022-2025, increases petrol prices and GST on low-cost goods. At the end of the day, it did felt like a budget that takes more than in gives. 

1) 1 Covid19 case

1 Imported

The lowest number of the case reported for the past few months. It is a coincidence that it happened on Budget day or is it all Swee Swee from henceforth?

Source: MOH


2)  Budget Goodies for families

From GST Voucher Special Payment to $100 CDC vouchers, here are the budget goodies for families.

Source: TWD


3) Low value imported goods to be charge GST, GST to raise, Petrol tax to increase

While there are goodies, there were other consumption taxes as well.

GST is expected to rise to 9% between next year and 2025, with a 'sooner rather than later ' pledge. 

GST will be charged on low-value goods bought online and imported by air or post. There goes my favourite past-time, shopping for cheap cheap stuff on Shoppee or Lazada.

Petrol price will increase with duty raised 15 cents for 98 octane and above and 10 cents for an intermediate grade ( 92 Octane and 95 octanes), For the premium grade, it will hike 23% to 79 cents a litre and for an intermediate grade at 17.8% to 66 cents a litre.

Source: ST


4) New Video of Tanjong Pagar crash shows girlfriend of driver running into the fire to try to save them

She is a brave girl. We hope she will recover from her injuries and her experiences.

Source: ST


5) Swathes of Kranji Woodland along rail corridor cleared by mistake

The unauthorised clearance was done on the site slanted for the Agri-Food Innovation Park. It's amazing that this will happen in Singapore. The operator was only given a stern warning. It is surprising to learn that this would happen despite no approval given. The question is did the operator decided to clear on its own without any payment?

Source: ST


6) Migrant Workers support Singapore economy, borders cant's be close to India and Indonesia

The proportion of imported cases per visitors are as follow

  • 3.7 per cent for India
  • 1.6 per cent for Indonesia
  • 0.04 per cent for Malaysia 
  • 0.01 per cent for China

This means that for every 100 visitors, about 3-4 were tested positive from India. While it is apparent that those these positive were work-pass holders supporting key economic sectors such as construction, there had been many other cases that are short term visitors who are here to visit relatives. Between Apr 1st to Jan 31, 18600 applicants are for foreign family members of Singapore Citizens and PR, it would be interesting to see how many of these applicants were tested positive for Covid19.  

While supporting Singapore economy is essential, giving entry to non-essential visitors would raise plenty of eyebrows, especially if they are from high-risk countries.

Source Today


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