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Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks


Daily Dose: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

If you had noticed a dip in the number of posts for the past week or so, it was because this old man is trying to learn a new 'trick'. For the past 3 years, I had been applying for roles that I thought my previous job experience would be most suited. Unfortunately, it was a wall of bricks that greeted me each time.  Thankfully, I do have writing to sustain me during this period.

Last year, I decided I would like to try my hand at something new. I am at an age where it would not be easy to be re-employed especially when there are younger blood in front of me. I reckon the best way to move forward is to chart my own path. I  believe I have a good 2 decades to make a new dream.  

From a young, I had always wanted to be financially independent. I remembered at 18, I was taking on courier jobs on a bike, way before Grab got popular. I had done waitering, taught tuition, took up admin roles, work in substation and even became an insurance agent. Getting into a new role was daunting given that I am an introvert. Nonetheless, it was a learning experience. 

By the end of the week, I will be taking an exam that would see if I am fit for the new career path. In the meantime, I will be mugging for it for the rest of the week. Meanwhile, daily dose updates will be done when time permits. 

Good luck to me!

1) 4 new Covid19 cases

3 Imported 

1 Dorm

The Covid19 infection made its way back to the dorm with 1 unlink case.

Imported cases had dropped with only 3 cases 

  • 1 (Case 60423) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from the UAE and UK.
  • 1 (Case 60430) is a Work Permit holder who arrived from the Philippines and is a foreign domestic worker.
  • 1 (Case 60427) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from India to visit his family members who are Singapore Permanent Residents.

Source: MOH


2) Eligible individuals who refuse the Covid19 vaccine endanger themselves and others

This is quite a headline. Some elderly individuals with past illness ( such as cancer) are naturally wary of what may happen to them with the vaccine. While it is easy to say that they are endangering themselves if they refuse the vaccine, it could equally be reasonable to say that taking a vaccine for those with pre-existing illness may not always be safe.

Personally, education and assurance is a better strategy than fear.

Source: ST


3)  Temasek Foundation to give out reusable masks, hand sanitiser to Singapore household.

More masks coming your way from March 1. Collect at your usual locations.

Source: ST


4) This chicken wing not good enough for you? KFC Singapore has a 1 for a1 Chicken Promo

Please change all my Chicken wing to the thigh. Thank you!

Source: CNA


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