True or False


Daily Dose: True or False

Today's highlights seem like a game show titled "True or False".

From a Covid19 case that claimed recovery before CNY and subsequently fell ill conveniently after CNY to fake degrees and half-hearted apologies, there are many ways to disguise the truth. This applies to all walks of lives too.

From Instagram updates of the happy family lives to Facebook updates of a good life, behind every picture, a different tale may emerge. Many times, we do not think about the process and instead take what we see or hear as honest truth. It is easier to do so than to analyze every details, but at the end of the day, it may just mislead us to a web of lies. Sometimes, it is easier to believe lies than to trust truth...

1) 11 Covid19 cases

  • 1 Community 
  • 10 Imported

After a day with only 1 imported case, the number of cases jumped 1000 times!

Actually, it is only 11, but the appearance of 1 community case, a 59-year-old Female Singaporean who works in Aibel does throw a spanner to the works. She had sought treatment on 4th and was placed on 5 days medical leave. On 6 Feb, she had informed the doctor that she had recovered. On 15 Feb, she developed fever, chills and nausea. 

Given that CNY was from 12-14 Feb, there is a likelihood that there might be visitors or house visits. If that is the case, the risk of exposure is high for just one case.

Imported cases as follows

1 (Case 60276) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from India. 
- 8 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Indonesia and Malaysia, of whom 7 (Cases 60281, 60282, 60283, 60284, 60285, 60286 and 60287) are foreign domestic workers.
- 1 (Case 60280) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from India for studies in Singapore.

Source: MOH

2 MOM probing 15 work pass holders for links to India University fake degree scandal.

The university had sold 35,0000 fake degrees over 11 years. There could be more that remain undetected.

Source: ST

3 Data of some 129,000 Singtel customers stolen in hack of 3rd party system

Information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, identification numbers and dates of birth, in varying combinations, were stolen by attackers. Bank accounts and credit card details were also stolen.

If you are a Singtel customer and had been using your ID or dates of birth as password, you might want to change it now.

Source : ST

4 Security firm apologies after full clip of Tanjong Pagar car crash CCTV uploaded due to administrative error.

The company involved is E3N Security Pte Ltd

Personally, I doubt this is an administrative error but a poor judgement on cashing in on the publicity, especially when they unabashedly promoted their CCTV system in the same post that showed the full clip. The remorse came after internet backlash against this unethical promotion. 

In any case, it is highly doubtful if they could enforce legal actions to anyone who distributed the original video, given that they were the ones to have shared it on a public platform like Facebook.

Source: CNA

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