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We make mistakes


Daily Dose: We make mistakes

If you said you have not made a single mistake in your life, you probably are lying.

In life, it is unavoidable that mistakes are made. What happens next is what matters. It could be an apology, a denial or simple ignorance. All of these have consequences. The worse thing one could do is to justify a mistake. It is like digging a deeper hole for oneself to do so. 

From the community case that had not one by two symptoms during quarantine and not declaring them even though he is a high-risk case to the justification of the mistake in the clearing of land in Kranji as they are scrubland and far from sensitive nature areas. These cases show how we react and respond to mistakes that have consequences that might be far worse than the original mistakes.

The simple thing to do is to acknowledge the mistake and apologies without the need to justify it. It is one that a parent would want to inculcate in a child. Sadly, this is sorely missed in the world today.

1) 10 Covid19 cases

9 Imported

1 Community

The community case is the spouse of an existing case. He had been identified as close contact and was placed on quarantine on 9 Feb. He developed anosmia on 15 Feb (loss of smell) and fever on 20 Feb. Both were both declared despite being told to do so. 

Imported cases as follow

•             2 (Cases 60399 and 60406) are Singaporeans who returned from Indonesia and the UK.
•             3 (Cases 60398, 60400 and 60414) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from India, Indonesia and the US.
•             1 (Case 60397) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from the Philippines.
•             3 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Indonesia and Myanmar, of whom 1 (Case 60412) is a foreign domestic worker.

2) JTC releases timeline of Kranji clearing works, take 'supervisory responsibility. for clearing Kranji woodland site

Takes responsibly but no apologies. Instead, it was noted that the site cleared was dominated by non-native Albizia regrowth and are deemed as scrubland.

Source: CNA


3) 2 wild boar attacks in a night shock Punggol residents

Given how we had cleared their natural habitat and how some had ignored the rules and feed these wild boars, such incidents would not be unexpected. 

Horrifying? Definitely for the victims

Shocking?  It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that this would happen given the circumstances

Source: ST


4) Monstrous fish at MacRitchie: Don't breed species if you can't keep them.

Recently, a carcass of an alligator gar is found at MacRitchie. Interestingly a baby alligator gar can be bought at an aquarium shop for a mere $5. For the record, this species can grow as large as 2.5 m

With many avid hobbyist rearing monster fish in Singapore, one would imagine that there are plenty of such alligator gar at home. The question is, what will happen to it when it outgrows the home?

 It is unsurprising that many had abandoned it in canals, nature reserve. The better way to control such acts is perhaps to ban these monster fishes or allow only species of a certain size to grow. Offenders caught releasing animals in parks and nature reserves faces fines up to $50,000 while those who release wildlife can be fined a maximum of $5000.

Source: TNP



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