A New Start


Daily Dose: A New Start

Several weeks ago, I wrote about taking an exam that has the potential of opening new doors. After 3 years of searching for a new job and numerous unreplied application, I figured that it is time to take matters into my own hand and chart a new path. 

After the exam, I had thought I was borderline on passing it. The exam was notorious for having a high failure rate. According to the trainers, the passing rate is at 30%, and this includes repeated candidates. To pass at The first try is almost a miracle.

I got the result yesterday... I passed.

That means I have my foot at the door now. The next step is to find a few doors to knock. Thankfully, this new role would still allow me to write. While the frequency may be lesser, I promised the content will be useful to you as a  parent.

1)17 Imported Cases

17 imported

13 days of no local cases. 

Imported cases follow

  • 1 (Case 61168) is a Singaporean, and 1 (Case 61160) is a Singapore Permanent Resident who returned from India.
  • 1 (Case 61172) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from Nepal.
  • 2 (Cases 61167 and 61170) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India.
  • 11 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, of whom 7 (Cases 61154, 61159, 61173, 61174, 61176, 61177 and 61180) are foreign domestic workers.
  • 1 (Case 61165) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Ecuador for a work project.
Source: MOH

2) Shipping rates surge with Suez canal set to be blocked for weeks by stranded ship.
If you are expecting parcels from Europe or the US, you might have to wait a little longer and pay a bit more.

The 400-m was Ever Given, almost as long as the Empire State Building is high blocks transit in both directions through one of the world's busiest shipping channels for oil and refined fuels, grain and other trade linking Asia and Europe.

Source: ST

3) Last remaining Covid19 cluster in Singapore close, final NUS hostel resident tested negative
We predict in about 3-6 months, Covid19 will be a thing of the past in Singapore.

Swap testing of 438 individuals of NUS wastewater incident come back negative.

source: ST

4) CIMB Singapore laying off employees, closing Orchard Road branch

No word on how many were laid off.

Source: CNA

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