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Daily Dose: Back to Normal Transmission

It had been a year since we had channelled our focus to bringing you the latest news and updates on Covid19 related matters. 

Despite being a family lifestyle website, we decided on pivoting so we can bring awareness of the pandemic to more people. Along the way, we set up a new column - Daily Dose. Daily Dose was set up to bring you the daily updates on news related to Singapore with a  focus on Covid19.

Now, with Covid19 on the back foot and the introduction of the vaccine to the general community, this pandemic has become less than compared to a year back.

During this one year, there were over 300 Covid19 related posts vs less than 100 posts related to family lifestyle on A feather in our cap was an indirect mention during last year Budget. Many of our suggestions were also adopted during the fight against this virus. 

With the situation under control, we think that Daily Dose would not be necessary... for now. As such, we will be ceasing daily dose on the website. Instead, updates on Covid19 will be on Facebook as it has been the platform that had served us well in reaching out.

It is time to go back to normal transmission. 

For those who had joined us due to Covid19, we hope you would continue with us as we bring you the latest Family Lifestyle News and Reviews. Also, we will be turning our focus on Family Finance under Money Matters. Thank you for staying with us all this while. We look forward to your continuing support!

1) 26 Covid 19 Cases

26 Imported

No local cases for the 3rd day running.

Imported cases as follow

     7 (Cases 61315, 61324, 61326, 61330, 61331, 61341 and 61348) are Singaporeans, and 3 (Cases 61311, 61322 and 61349) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from Bangladesh, India, Qatar, Spain and the UK.
·      3 (Cases 61320, 61323 and 61328) are Student’s Pass holders who arrived from Bangladesh and India.
·      2 (Cases 61314 and 61319) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India and Nepal.
·      7 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, of whom 5 (Cases 61316, 61336, 61338, 61342 and 61344) are foreign domestic workers.
·      4 (Cases 61317, 61318, 61325 and 61329) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Cases 61317 and 61318 arrived from India to visit their family members who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents. Cases 61325 and 61329 arrived from the Philippines and Ecuador, respectively, for work projects in Singapore.

Source: MOH

2) 12 People probed for breaching Covid19 rules by allegedly singing karaoke, socialising in Joo Chiat Shophouses

Joo Chiat Road is Infamous for its karaoke bars, nightclubs and vice activities. These days, with Covid19, it was given a chance to rejuvenate with the undesired shops' closure. There are still pockets of such outlets, but they are currently not operational due to Covid19. The unit that these 12 were caught in does not have any public entertainment licence or liquor license.

Source: ST

3) Covid19 recovery grant to provide additional 3 months of support

Each tranche of the COVID-19 Recovery Grant provides the following support to eligible Singaporeans and permanent residents aged 21 years old and above:

- Up to S$700 a month for three months, for employees who have been retrenched or had their contracts terminated, or placed on no-pay leave for at least three consecutive months;

- Up to S$500 a month for three months, for employees facing salary loss of at least 50 per cent on average for at least three consecutive months; and

- Up to S$500 a month for three months, for self-employed people facing an average loss in net trade income of at least 50 per cent over a period of at least three consecutive months compared to their average monthly net trade income in 2019 or 2020.

Source: CNA

4) Free Hand sanitiser distribution by Temasek Foundation to begin on Apr 12

Each household will be able to collect 500ml of free zero-alcohol hand sanitiser from Apr 12. You can collect from vending machines across multiple locations in Singapore between Apr12 and Apr 25.

Source: CNA

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