Breaking Rules : Why we do it?

 Daily Dose: Breaking Rules - Why we do it?

Rule-breaking is on the main news today. Financial scams to the breaking of Covid19 laws, it would seem to imply that Singapore residents have no penchant for rules and laws.  

Here are some reasons why rules tend to be broken

- Too many rules to keep track

- No strict enforcement of rules

- The gains from breaking the rules outweigh the cost

Even at home, rules are made and are broken. Simple things like sleeping before a certain time, no food on the bed, less noise when playing are usually spoken but not enforced. While breaking the rules make be hard to control, strong deterrent would usually do the trick. 

Does it mean we have to increase the punishment for the offences?

1) 12 Imported cases

10 days of no community cases. If we can make it for 2 weeks, we can technically be declared virus-free based on the virus incubation period. This is no mean feat considering what had happened 6 months back at the dorms.

Imported cases as follow

- 1 (Case 61080) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from India.
- 2 (Cases 61087 and 61089) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India.
- 6 (Cases 61083, 61084, 60185, 61091, 61092 and 61093) are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh and India.
- 3 (Cases 61081, 61082 and 61086) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders who arrived from India and Indonesia to visit their family members who are Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents. 

Source: MOH

2) NUS hostel residents to be swabbed after Covid19 RNA found in wastewater

It is surprising to learn that they are testing wastewater for Covid19. Nonetheless, it is assuring that the authorities are still monitoring the situation and opt for indirect rather than direct testing of the whole population. The University has a wastewater surveillance programme in place at hostels since Dec 7.

The affected hostel is at UTown Residence.

Source: ST

3) Singapore business linked to alleged fraud of record $1 billion charge

Ng Yu Zhi, 33, is the director of two firms and said to have raised the money from investors, purportedly to finance nickel trading.

The alleged victims were promised varying returns averaging 15 per cent over three months. Ng, the director of Envy Asset Management (EAM) and Envy Global Trading, was charged with two counts of cheating and two of being a party to fraudulent trading involving about $48 million.Of the $1 billion invested in the companies between October 2017 and last month, about $300 million was allegedly transferred to his personal account.

Such scams are commonplace. Promising high returns over a span of a short period. It is the classic Ponzi scheme, yet many still fell for it.

Source: ST

4) Leisure travel could return by the end of 2021 but will be pricier than before.

In any case, by the time I am vaccinated, it will probably be towards year-end. With children yet to be vaccinated, travelling by year-end is probably not possible. We will have to wait till 2022 before we can entertain the notion of family travel.

Source: ST

5) Singapore -Batam- Binta travel corridor meant for Singapore tourists only: Indonesia minister.

So it is a one-way travel bubble. With Indonesia having 5000 weekly average local cases vs 0 cases in Singapore, it will be a hard pass. Sentosa would be just as good as a travel destination.

Source: CNA

6) 83 people investigated for flouting Covid19 regulation after gathering to drink and socialise

This happened as recent as Feb 25. Interestingly they are using office units as temporary entertainment spaces. With the closure of KTV, this route had been taken before.

Source: CNA

7) Wedding Venue The Orange Ballroom closed for allowing the couple to host 3 receptions.

Profit over safety. Surprisingly no news if the wedding couple would be charged too.

The Orange Ballroom was ordered to close for 20 days for allowing a couple to host three receptions involving 275 people in an “egregious” breach of safe management measures, the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) said on Monday (Mar 22).

Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020, the couple is allowed only one wedding reception involving not more than 100 people, including the couple.

Source: CNA

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