Dorscon Amber?


Daily Dose: Dorscon Amber?

Yesterday, a whole slew of measures were passed to relax the regulations of Covid19 in Singapore. The last case of local transmission was on 12 March. Given that we had reached 12 days without a case, the timing for such regulations looks apporiate.

We are moving ahead to normalisation with 45-59 years old invited for vaccination, easing crowds, and workplace restrictions. Looks like we are heading towards Doscon Amber now... 

1) 15 Covid19 cases

15 Imported cases

12 days without a local case.

•             3 (Cases 61135, 61136 and 61144) are Singaporeans who returned from Indonesia and the UK.
•             1 (Case 61139) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from Indonesia.
•             2 (Cases 61133 and 61140) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India.
•             9 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and Malaysia, of whom 1 (Case 61145) is a foreign domestic worker.

Source: MOH

2) Covid19 vaccination now open to Singapore residents aged 45-59

Register for the vaccine at

After registering on, those aged 45 to 59 will receive an SMS with a personalised URL enabling them to book their vaccination appointments online.

Source: ST

3) More Employee may work from the office

Capacity increase to 75 % with no limit on the proportion of an employee working time spent in the workplace. Social gathering and team building still limited to eight people. No need for split team arrangements.

Source: ST

4) Weddings, Live performances to have increase capacities with pre-event Covid19 tests


From Apr 24, marriage solemnisation and reception to increase from 100 to 250. HOWEVER, pre-event testing is required for the bride and groom (if unvaccinated) for solemnisation and for ALL unvaccinated guests if the attendees exceed 100 pax.

Live Performances

Live Performances, Business to Busines events, Sports Events capacity to increase from 250 to 750 if pre-event testing is in place. No need for a pre-test if there are only guests up to 250 capacity.

Source: CNA

5) 200,000 Sinovac vaccines have been delivered

They are not approved for use and is currently under review. 

Source: CNA

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