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Have Vaccine, can Travel?


Daily Dose: Have Vaccine, can travel?

Recently spoke to a few friend and relatives, there are some with the notion that once one is vaccinated, they can safely go back to their old ways of not wearing masks, travel freely and join in big groups. 

I think there should be more education on what taking a vaccine means. A Vaccine would usually protect one's immune from being compromised by a virus such as Covid19. It does not mean that one could not get infected as a result. Due to the infection stage where the body is fighting the virus, there might be traces on you. This meant that you are infectious and may still pass the virus to those around you.

That means, even with a vaccine, it does not fully protect those around you who do not have one. So essentially for travellers, taking Covid19 tests should still be a must for travels. This would probably last until we achieved herd immunity.

1) 12 Covid19 cases

All Imported

Good news to start March Covid19 reports. There are no new local cases. Most of the imported cases are Work Permit and Work Pass holders

• 1 (Case 60546) is a Singapore Permanent Resident who arrived from India.
• 2 (Cases 60541 and 60557) are Work Pass holders who arrived from Myanmar and the Philippines.
• 9 are Work Permit holders, who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar, of whom 3 (Cases 60552, 60554 and 60556) are foreign domestic workers.

Source: MOH


2) SAF to review PES medical classification system, paving the way for servicemen to be deployed in  more roles.

PES C who are usually destined for Clerks or storeman might get a chance to be in the front line. With advance technology, there is no need for categorizing one for combat fit or non-combat fit. 

PS  : I was an out of course Officer Cadet due to injury ( Broken Leg). Was transferred out to storeman to serve the rest of my term. It was pretty devasting as being the youngest in the cohort ( I was placed in Poly batch after I took a 3 months flying experience stint with the air force) , I was supposed to make a toast to the PM who would be attending the Passing out Dinner. Not that I am complaining but I did felt disappointment when I was out of course. 

Source: CNA


3) Asia's ultra rick ranks Singapore as region's top choice for luxury home.

This just means more competition for land. With deeper pockets, they chase for properties that we can only dream of.

Source: ST


4) Showers expected in the first fortnight of March after very dry February.

So we have very wet Jan, then very dry Feb and so will it be back to very wet March now?

Source: Today


5) No Plans to impose Covid19 vaccinations as a condition for entry to Singapore

Vaccine only protects oneself from the harmful effects of Covid19. It DOES NOT mean that one will not be infectious if he caught the virus.

In other words, it will be the same for us when we travel overseas. Vaccination does not guarantee that you will be allowed in the country without any further tests or procedures.

Source: ST


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