Holiday Blues


Daily Dose: Holiday Blues

So, we are now at the midpoint of the March school holidays. Despite it being a week-long holiday, the usual hustle and bustle of planning for a day out are missing. Reason being that the family opt to stay in for this week to catch up on school work and revision.

Before you say I am a Tiger Dad, it is due to necessity rather than choice. It may be early in the year, but we had seen results deteriorating faster than a stock market crash. It is worrisome given that it is still early days. At the same time, it could be a blessing as we have time to address this. 

We will try to squeeze in a break in between the days of hitting the books, in the meantime- Happy Holidays!

1)  12 Covid19 cases

  • 12 Imported

No local cases for the third day. Despite the continuous number of imported cases, we have not got any spikes due to it. Well down frontliners!

Imported cases as follow

  • 2 (Cases 60929 and 60932) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India and Malaysia.
  • 2 (Cases 60922 and 60928) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from Nepal and Switzerland.
  • 3 (Cases 60930, 60933 and 60934) are Work Pass holders who arrived from India, Indonesia and the UAE.
  • 5 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia and the Philippines, of whom 3 (Cases 60938, 60943 and 60944) are foreign domestic workers.
Source: MOH

2) MOH warns those with acute respiratory symptoms to comply with MC after 5 charged

One of the 5 had returned from a business trip, develop a fever and was tested for Covid19. Despite this, he went for a massage on the same day before getting this result. Turns out it was positive. 

Source: ST

3) Families flock to hotels for March Holiday Staycations amid Covid19

Are you taking a staycation this week?

We decided to stay home for revision instead. Results for the first quarter turns out to be dismay, so as a 'reward', it's a daily revision to play catch up.

Source: ST

4) Australia eyes digital Covid19 vaccine passport with Singapore
This is a step forward in opening leisure travel between these 2 countries. However, for families with kids, it will be still some time before travel is possible. Vaccine are not for children under 16 under Singapore's guidelines. So don't book your holidays yet! 

Source: ST

5) 43 Temasek JC staff fell ill after consuming food prepared by Chilli Api Catering

8 hospitalised but in stable condition. The caterer was ordered to suspend operations after 82 people fell ill with gastroenteritis symptoms.

Source: CNA

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