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Daily Dose : Hot Hot Hot

Jan was wet, Feb warm and March Superhot!

We are into the 5th day of March. Just 4 days ago, major news media were reporting more rain for the first half of March. We still have another 10 days more to go. Hopefully, this will come true soon!

1) 19 Covid19 Cases

  • 1 Community
  • 18 Imported Cases

The 1 local community case is linked to an existing case. She is the wife of the 82-year-old man who was diagnosed the day before.

18 imported cases as follow

          3 (Cases 60625, 60628 and 60635) are Singaporeans and 1 (Case 60631) is a Singapore Permanent Resident who returned from Ghana, India, Indonesia and the US.
•             1 (Case 60624) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from Malaysia.
•             11 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, of whom 5 (Cases 60620, 60622, 60636, 60637 and 60641) are foreign domestic workers.
•             1 (Case 60644) is a Student's Pass holder who arrived from the US for studies in Singapore.
•             1 (Case 60633) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Indonesia to visit her Singaporean relative.

Source: MOH

2) Buy alcohol with SingPass from vending machines.

Can minors borrow their parents' phone and purchase from such machines?

With the abundance of 24 hours convenience stalls such as 7-eleven, Cheers around, these machines may encourage possible abuse given that it is not manned by anyone. Besides vending, machines will mean that alcohol is allowed 24/7. This contravenes the existing Liquor Control act where it states drinking is banned in public places from 1030pm to 7am and shops are not allowed to sell within this time.

Source: ST

3) 580,000 SIA Krisglyer and PPS members affected by the external data leak. 

Members of its KrisFlyer and PPS programmes have had their membership number, tier status and, in some cases, membership name compromised.

You may not be allowed to travel, but there are still risks.

Source: ST

4) Junction 8 Mall, 2 community clubs among places visited by Covid19 cases


5) 60% of employers penalised for discriminatory hiring showed nationality bias

Should these companies be named?

Source: CNA

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