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Parents Love : Boon or Bane?


Daily Dose: Parent's Love

One of the news caught my eye. A student returning from the UK with flu symptoms had gone to the food court with her parents to have a meal instead of heading straight home as required for SNH. Despite this happening in the early days of the pandemic, the severity cannot be undermined, especially since she had flu symptoms upon arrival.

While not wanting to play detective, there is a possibility that the foodcourt trip was initiated by parents. In normal times, as a parent, I would do the same if my child returned from an 18 hours flight as I might be concern about his hunger. However, this is not during 'normal' days.

Nonetheless, it brings forth the question, how much should a parent care for a child. Some hover around the child 24 hours to give in to whims and fancy, and there are those on the opposite of the spectrum that just let the child be. It is easy for one to say, just let your child do whatever they want, especially if it is not your child. It is also easy to get carried away as a parent totake care' of their children even when they reach their 50s.

Most of the time, a parent's love knows no boundaries. Yet, there are times when parents need to learn to let go. Otherwise, the child would not grow and learn. After all, one day, they will be parents too.

1) 6 Covid19 cases

6 Imported

3 straight days without a local case. Let's keep this up!

Source: MOH

2) Connect@Changi facility welcomes the first batch of business travellers

Business Travellers are allowed to stay and conduct meetings without having to serve quarantine on arrival. Guest from Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia and UAE is expected to arrive and use this facility.

Source: CNA

3) National Shcool games to resume in March with 12 non-contact sports

The 12 sports that have been given the go-ahead are — badminton, bowling, golf, gymnastics, rope skipping, sepaktakraw, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball and wushu. If your child is in any of these sports, it will be great news for them

Source: Today

4) Student who tested positive for Covid19 after returning from the UK on trial for breaching SHN

She had flu-like symptoms on arrival. However, instead of heading home for SNH as required, she decided to have a meal at the food court with her parents. Subsequently, she also went to a clinic to get medicine but lied about her travel history there.

Although she is the one on trial, somehow, I do think the parents may play a part in this, especially the meal at the food court.

Source: ST

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