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Seize the Day


Daily Dose: Seize the day

The short holiday break is ending soon. If you have not made time to spend with your child, now is the time to seize the day. Given that some of us are still working from home or travel lesser for work, spending time with family has mostly increased for parents.

That said, the boys had been piled with revision for the earlier part of the week. Planning to give them a little break. If you are looking to give them a different kind of break, you might even want to consider renting the HDB 'Man Cave' (see story below)

Regardless, it is time to seize the day! 

1) 9 Covid19 cases

  • 9 Imported

Day 5 of no local cases. Let's make it a week!

Imported cases mainly work permit holders.

• 1 (Case 60975) is a Singaporean who returned from Indonesia.
• 1 (Case 60974) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from Nepal.
• 7 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, of whom 3 (Cases 60972, 60978 and 60980) are foreign domestic workers

Source: MOH

2) Singapore is the 8th most attractive country to relocate to for work

Singapore is the eighth most attractive country to relocate to for work - the first time it has broken into the top 10 in a global study that started in 2014. But the report also noted on Wednesday (March 17) that fewer Singaporeans desire to work abroad. 

With more incoming and less outgoing, it would mean more competition. Given the current Covid19 situation is not surprising that Singapore is a choice place to work, especially when Covid19 is not a threat here.

Source: ST

3) Man fined for selling fighting fish from his Ang Mo Kio flat, keeping bearded dragons

Do you know that it is illegal to rear fish to sell at home without a licence?

Why it is illegal, there are still hobbyists out there who would do it. A quick check online, and you can find telegrams groups such as Arofanatics having members selling their fishes daily. While some have licenses, many have not.

Source: CNA

4) Man has HDB Man Cave for hire, where you can play all the games you want

If your child is into gaming, this might be an idea for an outing. Better still, you have a reason now to convert the study room to a gaming room now. Just have to convince the wife that it is a viable business model.

Source: CNA

5) COE rises across all categories at the end of March 17 bidding exercises

Are you one of them who is getting a new ride?

  • Cat A (Cars up to 1,600cc & 97kW): S$44,589 (up from S$41,996)
  • Cat B (Cars above 1,600cc or 97kW): S$47,001 (up from S$45,001)
  • Cat C (Goods vehicles and buses): S$39,589 (up from S$37,513)
  • Cat D (Motorcycles): S$7,791 (up from S$7,752
  • Cat E (Open category): S$47,806 (up from S$47,001)

Source: TODAY

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