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Rinnnnnng .....

The alarm bells went off today. After a week of waking up at the break of sunlight, it is back to be awakened at ungodly hours to prepare to go to school.

So a week's school break has ended. Frankly, it did not really felt like a holiday but more like home-based learning. Instead of staycations and heading out to have fun every day, this Tiger dad decided that it may be wiser to stay home and do some serious revision. Results had not been encouraging for the first term. As much as fun and relaxation are advocated, there had been too much of that during term 1 regular school term.

Hopefully, this hard work would equate to a more reasonable result. For June Holidays, we are looking forward to a decent break rather than hitting the books all the time. 

1) 12 Covid19 cases

  • 12 imported cases

There is no new local transmission for 9 straight days.  On that note, it is quite apparent that residents are laxer in their approach to Covid19. We had witness groups of more than 8 at East Coast Park playing a game of softball. On the groups, big groups of cyclists were seen along East Coast Service Road ( One group has as many as 16 cyclist. At the malls, checking in via safe entry are not checked. 

Could this be the self-imposed Phase 4? 

Given these behaviours and the lack of cases, it may be time to revise the guidelines.

Imported cases as follow

• 1 (Case 61068) is a Singaporean who returned from India.
• 1 (Case 61057) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from Nepal.
• 2 (Cases 61064 and 61065) are Long-Term Visit Pass holders who arrived from India.
• 1 (Case 61056) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from Nepal.
• 3 (Cases 61071, 61073 and 61076) are Work Permit holders who arrived from India, Indonesia and the Philippines, all of whom are foreign domestic workers.
• 4 (Cases 61060, 61061, 61062 and 61063) are Special Pass holders who are sea crew. They arrived from Indonesia on a vessel, and were tested onboard without disembarking. 

Source: MOH

2) India Composer withdraws claims to Song - We can achieve aka Count on Me, Singapore.

Frankly, am a little tired of this sage. He got his 5 minutes of fame. After incredulous claims and backflipping, it is time to move on.

Source: ST

3 Residents living near Former Kallang Gasworks grow weary over odours, noise from soil treatment works

In responding to the complaints, the authorities maintain that the gas released into the air is treated and emissions are well within regulatory limits. There is also no evidence to suggest the fumes from the site directly resulted in the health complaints reported by residents. There are also tests that show that both air quality and noise are within limits set.

Could it be the residents are hallucinating? 

Source: Today

4 Will air travel bubbles take off or burst

Accordingly to experts, it is best not to pack your bags yet.

Potential air bubbles in discussion

  • Singapore-Tawian
  • Singapore - Australia
  • Singapore - New Zealand

Source: CNA

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