The Hidden Threat


Daily Dose: The Hidden Threat

Another youth, age 20, had been detained under ISA.  He had initially planned to attack Jews locally and subsequently made plans to travel to Gaza to join in the military wing of the territory's ruling faction Hamas in a fight against Israel.

These self-radicalised youth were usually influenced by what they see and read on the internet. These days, many parents ( including myself) gave free rein to their kids regarding online access. With such influences online, it may be wise to keep tabs on what they are doing every now and then. 

Hidden threats abound on the net. 

1) 10 Covid19 Cases

10 Imported Cases

4th day without a local case. This is great news. There were speculations that CNY period may give rise to an increase in infection. This is not the case. This could imply that latent cases may not be as rampant in the community as feared.

  • 2 (Cases 60787 and 60792) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from India and Turkey.
  • 1 (Case 60789) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from India.
  • 4 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, of whom 2 (Cases 60793 and 60795) are foreign domestic workers.
  • 3 (Cases 60785, 60786 and 60790) are Short-Term Visit Pass holders. Case 60786 arrived from Indonesia for a work project. Cases 60785 and 60790 arrived from India and Indonesia to visit their relatives who are Singapore Permanent Residents.
2) Singapore youth detained under ISA for planning a knife attack on Jews leaving the synagogue

A 20-year-old man who had planned to use a knife to attack and kill Jews leaving a synagogue, and to take up arms abroad, has been detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA).

This is not the first time that the youth had been detained under  ISA. With the ease of access to information globally through the internet, it will not last either. As parents, we have to stay vigilant about what our child(ren) are doing on the net. 

Source: ST

3) Personal travel will return from 2nd half of 2021, Iata Chief

While this timeline may sound like great news to many, do note that our vaccination programme may only be completed by year-end. That would mean that even if personal travel is allowed, there will still be restrictions in place. Do not book your year-end school holiday vacations yet.

Source: ST

4) Student who returned from the UK testifies she did not know she had to go home immediately to stay home notice

This happened during the start of the pandemic where Singapore begin to implement stay home regime. It is a possible defence, but at age 24 and know ing that a pandemic of epic proportion is happening, Going to a public spot, especially when you return from a country with high infection AND having symptoms of flu are not exactly what one would expect from a university student. 

Source: CNA

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