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Unconditional Love


Daily Dose: Unconditional Love

The report on the man who abused his mother is a disturbing one. The mother endured this for a few years before reporting it showed how much unconditional love a mother can have for her child. 

While giving unconditional love is not unexpected from parents, a line must be drawn in the sand. For me, any form of physical or mental abuse has to be nip in the bud. When you spoilt a child when they are young, it just sets the ball rolling in the wrong direction. While I spare the rod, I do not entertain any form of self-entitlement. Some may find it unbearing, while others may deem that I am too fierce. 

I call it Tough Love. 

1) 11 Covid19 cases

  • 11 Imported

Day 4 without local transmission. Let's keep this up!

Imported cases as follows

• 5 (Cases 60953, 60958, 60961, 60962 and 60963) are Dependant’s Pass holders who arrived from India and Nepal.
• 1 (Case 60952) is a Student’s Pass holder who arrived from India.
• 1 (Case 60945) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from Turkey.
• 3 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia, of whom 1 (Case 60947) is a foreign domestic worker.
• 1 (Case 60956) is a Special Pass holder who is a sea crew. She arrived from the Philippines on a vessel and had remained on board until she was conveyed to a hospital for abdominal pain. 

Source: MOH


2) New SafeEntry system lets you tap your phone or TraceTogether token on a getaway box to check-in.

Reduce the need to fumble with your phone camera.

The new process starts on Apr 19. It will be trialled at selected places such as Malls. That means you still have to check in the old fashion way at smaller outlets. Based on observations, most shops, especially the smaller ones, do not bother to check if you have scan Safe Entry. If that is the case, it might address this issue instead of coming up with new tech. A half-hearted effort may end up impeding the effectiveness of safe entry and contact tracing.

Source: ST


3) More thundery showers, lower temperature expected in the second half of March - Met SErvice

They gave a similar update 2 weeks ago, and it was hot as hell. Maybe they will be correct this time around?

Source: Today


4) MOH eases Covid19 vaccination guidelines for those with multiple allergies, cancer patients not in treatment

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has relaxed its Covid-19 vaccination guidelines for some people with allergies, so long as they do not have a history of anaphylaxis, which is a type of life-threatening allergic reaction.

Besides, people who have active cancer but have not been in treatment for the last three months and do not have any treatments planned in the next two months may also be inoculated.

Source: Today


5) Master's student admits to assaulting mother's private parts, starving her when he was stressed with studies.

The mother initially did not report the abuse. A mother's love may be unconditional, but this man's deed is deplorable. Clearly, something is very wrong with this man.

Source: Today


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