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Want to BTO?


Daily Dose: Want to BTO?

Hands up how many of you use this tagline to propose?

In Singapore, one of the unique ways to propose is to get a BTO flat together. This is because the application for  BTO flats require one to be a fiancee/fiance ( if you are under 35, non-orphan and does not hold private property). Since BTO flats take about 3-4 years to build, it would not be surprising to see some couples deciding to give up the relationship and the flat.

1)8 Covid19 cases

No new imported cases

• 1 (Case 60578) is a Student’s Pass holder who arrived from Bangladesh.
• 1 (Case 60575) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from India.
• 5 are Work Permit holders, who arrived from Indonesia and the Philippines, of whom 4 (Cases 60559, 60564, 60565 and 60586) are foreign domestic workers.
• 1 (Case 60574) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from Indonesia to visit her Singaporean relatives.

2) Sakura Blooms at Flower Dome with Hello Kitty

Cannot go to Japan due to Covid19?

There is always Sakura at Flower Dome. Go and check it out. Got Hello Kitty too!

Source: TWD


3 ) 1700 flats surrendered to HDB in the past 5 year

Half of the surrendered flats were two-room flats, one-sixth were three-room flats and one-third were four-room or larger flats, said Ms Sim.

“The most common reasons for surrender of flats were divorce, break-up of fiance-fiancee relationship and annulment of marriage,”

Source: CNA


4) Over 82000 people have taken cruise to nowhere from Singapore

March holidays is coming, will you take a cruise holiday?

Source: ST


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