What would you do as a parent?

 Daily Dose: What would you do as a parent?

Yesterday's viral story was a group of Ngee Ann Poly students caught on video peeing on 2 other naked students. 

This barbaric act was initially thought to be part of the hazing of freshman orientation. However, it turned out that it may be a 'game' among the group and that the act was consensual. Even if the latter is true, such demeaning acts have repercussions. Not only the one that is being peed at will getting public shaming due to the video released but their parents would also fee shame too. 

Imagine the conversation between the parents of the perpetrators and the 'victims'. 

" My son peed on your son with his consent. You cannot do anything about it."

If you are the Dad, how would you feel?

I know how I would react, and it would not be pleasant. 

1) 13 Covid19 cases

  • 13 imported

While there are no new community cases, it does appear that an imported case had been around the community. The imported case is a Singaporean who returned to Singapore on March 2 and was swapped on March 15. She had the test done on arrival as well. However, on March 20, preparing for a trip to Indonesia, here test came back positive. The serology test came back with a positive indication of past infection.

There are 2 possible scenarios. One is that incubation last more than 14 days. This theory has been brought up before as there were cases where 'imported.' Cases were tested positive after 14 days. The other is that the test was done on arrival, and SHN does not include a serology test. Thus, it did not pick up the low viral load. Whichever is the case, there should be a better explanation in layman terms. Throwing out medical terms would confuse the public leading to speculation why this is the case.

The other imported cases as follow

  • 3 (Cases 61116, 61117 and 61118) are Singaporeans and 2 (Cases 61108 and 61115) are Singapore Permanent Residents who returned from Austria, India, Malaysia and the US.
  • 1 (Case 61110) is a Dependant’s Pass holder who arrived from India.
  • 1 (Case 61120) is a Work Pass holder who arrived from the US.
  • 5 are Work Permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India and The Philippines, of whom 1 (Case 61125) is a foreign domestic worker.
  • 1 (Case 61121) is a Short-Term Visit Pass holder who arrived from the UAE for a work project in Singapore.
Source: MOH

2) Police probing Ngee Ann Poly students who urinated on others, polytechnic says freshmen not involved

Ok, so freshmen are not involved. It does not mean that it is ok to pee on each other, even if the other person consent to it. Sadly, some youth today holds a different moral standard. 

Source: ST

3) 437 NUS U Town Hostel residents swabbed for Covid19 after viral material found in the wastewater sample

Let's see the result in the next few days. I don't quite get the statement, though. What does it mean that 437 people were swabbed, excluding the recovered case? Does it mean the source is found?

 “There is evidence to suggest that this may be due to viral shedding from a recovered past infection among the residents, but as a precautionary measure, MOH carried out special testing operations today to test residents of the affected apartments," said the ministry, adding that 437 people were swabbed, excluding the recovered case."

Source: CNA


4)  Millenia Walk, multiple malls in Jurong visited by Covid19 cases during the infectious period.

You might be curious, we have no local cases over the past 10 days but there is still this alert?

Source: CNA

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