1 More Week of HBL

Daily Dose: 1 More week of HBL

Another week and it will be the school holidays. 

Not that it will make much of a difference. Most families would opt to stay home, although the temptation to head out is high. With community cases still hovering around double digits, most people stay at home with WFH arrangement and juggle with their children's HBL. Nonetheless, HBL will only last 1 more week, so things should get less hectic going into June.

That said, thanks to schools and educators, this time around, children are more prepared to take up HBL. From my own children's experience, they are doing it independently, without the need for me to sit by their side or be their technical support. HBL is not a 'painful' experience for us as painted by the media.

1) 25 COVID-19 cases

  • 21 Community
  • 1 Dorm
  • 3 Imported

There are 3 unlinked cases, including 1 at the dorms. The singular case in the dorm is a concern due to communal living. To fight the battles on both fronts ( dorms and community) would be challenging.

Source: MOH


2) Another 2 children tested positive.

One is from St Stephen's School, and the other is from Heart Field Kindergarten. Both had not been to school since May 12

Case 63605 is a 7-year-old male Singaporean who is a student at St Stephen’s School and was last in school on 12 May. He is a family member of Cases 63139[1] and 63447[2].  As he had been identified as a close contact of Case 63139, he was placed on quarantine on 12 May. He was tested for COVID-19 on 14 May during quarantine, and his test result was negative for COVID-19 infection. He developed a fever on 21 May and was tested for COVID-19 again. His test result came back positive for COVID-19 infection on 22 May. His serology test result is pending.

Case 63621 is a 4-year-old female Singaporean who is a student at Heart Field.       Kindergarten and had last gone to school on 12 May. As she had been identified as a close contact of Case 63236, she was placed on quarantine on 14 May. She developed a fever on 19 May, but her symptom was not reported to MOH. She was detected when she was tested on 21 May during quarantine. Her test result came back positive for COVID-19 infection on 22 May. Her serology test result is pending.

Source: MOH


3) 300 unvaccinated COVID-19 cases in current outbreak vs 78 vaccinated.

The ratio is at 79% unvaccinated vs 21 % vaccinated. Frankly, this ratio reported has no meaning. What is more meaningful is the % of unvaccinated cases base on the overall unvaccinated population. and % of vaccinated cases over the overall vaccinated population

Let's do the Maths

1.9M received the first dose, 1.4M completed vaccination. Thus infection rate for vaccinated is at 0.0041% for those who completed one dose.

Singapore population is at 5.89m as of 2021. It would mean that 3.99M are not vaccinated. Thus infection rate for non vaccinated stands at 0.0075% for those who have not been infected.
I am not a medical expert, but based on the facts, vaccination helps to lower infection. Considering exposure ( most vaccinated cases are in high-risk areas, eg airport), it does help get vaccinated. More importantly, there are no severe complications from the vaccinated group.
Source: CNA
4) Spore sees 25 arrivals from India, the vast majority are returning citizens and PRs
The report has good intent on clarification of a number of visitors, however, it may have missed its mark in regards to what the people on the the ground would like to know. It would be more factual to report the number of imported cases per country, as it is well known that the direct route is not necessarily the only one to Singapore.
Source: Today

5) More places added to the list of locations visited by COVID-19 cases while infectious

Before, most would just glance through this list. Nowadays, with the variant becoming more infectious, it is wise to take note of it, especially if you had been to the places mentioned.

Sim Lim Square, IKEA Jurong, JEM, Woodlands Regional Library, Jurong Regional Libray is among the place on the list. Additionally, Fairprice, NTUC Prime Supermarket are on the list

The full list is found here

Source: CNA

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