Confirmed Covid-19 case at Wang Learning Centre , suspected case at HCL Education Centre


Do you have children attending Wang Learning Centre or HCL Education Centre?

We spotted this on the daily update of places where Covid-19 cases had visited

Apparently, another 2 tuition centres were exposed to Covid-19. However, there was a lack of news as to who were the cases involved.

Base on an email from Wang Learning Centre, we can now confirm that one of the student from Learning Point at Parkway Centre had attended Wang Learning Centre when she was infectious on 9 May between 9-12pm

As per Wang Learning Centre, MOH had obtained the list of students and teacher who attended lessons at the same class on that day. All affected persons will be serving Quarantine Orders as of today. However, there is a possibility of exposure to others if infected from 9 May to 14 May

The student that was at Wang is case 63185, a 9-year-old student from Kong Hwa Primary. She was part of the cluster from Learning Point at Parkway centre.  As for the teacher, she was swabbed and the result was negative. However, it has not been 14 days since the exposure to confirm that infection had not taken place.

At the same time in a separate email., Wang Learning Centre had stated that all classes will be online for the Marine Parade Branch with effect from May 16 in a separate email.

As for the other possible exposure at HCL, while we did not receive any confirmation, the daily update on MOH indicated the following

Case 63169
Case 63169 is a 39 year-old female Singaporean who works as a Principal at a language school. She is a family member of Case 63047[6]. She developed a sore throat on 10 May. On the same day, as she had been identified as a close contact of Case 63047, she was placed on quarantine and reported her symptom to MOH. She was tested for COVID-19 on 10 May but her test result came back negative. On 12 May, she developed a fever during quarantine, and was tested again. This time, her test result on 13 May was positive for COVID-19 infection. Her serology test result is pending.

There is a possibility that this case is related to HCL Education Centre. Interestingly, HCL Education Centre is also located in the East and is just a street away from Wang.  We await further confirmation from HCL Education on this matter.

At this point, it would be advisable that Tuition Centres go online for their lessons as recommended by the latest Covid-19 restrictions. Do enquire with your respective centres to see if such an option is provided.

Stay safe!

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