COVID-19 Vaccination Side Effects

 Daily Dose: COVID-19 Vaccination side effects

Over the weekend, my wife and I took our 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccine we had was Pfizer-BioNTech.

Other than sore arms that lasted for less than a day, we were feeling fine for the first dose. For the 2nd dose, it was a different story. Like what many had experienced, we had side effects from the 2nd dose the morning after. The wife was tired and had to sleep in till 12pm. As for me, while I was feeling fine the next morning ( good enough to do a grocery run), it was not the same as the day progress.

As I laid down to rest in the latter part of the morning, I felt like I was hit by a truck. The whole body was aching and I could barely move. It was as if someone has pinned me down to the bed. After panadol, lots of fluid, including coconut water and 2 hours of rest, I felt better in the afternoon. It did not last long, as when evening came, the aches were back, and I was back in the bed. As of today, I felt much better and back to my normal self.

Base on reports,  side effects of COVID-19 mean immune systems are reacting. It is also worth noting that younger people would experience these side effects more than older folks. When my parents took the vaccine, there were no side effects on them. According to the experts, having side effects is a good thing, as it means a robust immune system reacting to the virus.

If you are taking the second dose, do take note of the common side effects. These side effects would usually last a day or 2. 

  • Tiredness
  • Headache
  • Muscle pain
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Nausea
1) 25 COVID-19 Cases
19 Community
6 Imported

Of the 19 cases, 5 are unlinked. Additionally, 3 linked cases were detected by surveillance and not quarantined. A new cluster at NTUC Foodfare ( 308Anchorvale Road) emerges. As a result, NTUC Foodfare at Anchorvale will be closed till 14 June for deep cleaning.

No students were reported for today.

Source: MOH

2) NTUC foodfare ( Anchorvale Road) to close till June 14
This is the result of a new cluster there. Additionally, any visitors from 13 May to 30 May will be provided free COVID-19 testing.

3) 95-year-old dies of COVID-19
She was infected on May 17 when warded at Changi General Hospital. She was not vaccinated and has a medical history.
Our condolences to the family.

Source: ST

4) Rest area for delivery riders, private hire drivers in Punggol to be removed to prevent misuse

These areas could become places where people congregate, and bring about community risk, said Ms Sun Xueling, MP for Punggol West SMC, in a Facebook post on Sunday (May 30).

While the intention is good, it can always be misused. Given that a common enclosed area is a potential ground for infection, it would make sense to discontinue it if misused.

Source: ST

5) PM Lee to give a live address on COVID-19 Situation at 4pm today
Stay tuned. We will be covering the event on FB.

Unlike past addresses where rushing to Supermarkets was the common outcome, we think that the announcement may not be pessimistic. Here's our prediction.

-Phase 2 HA to extend till Jun 27 - This ensures that children were to stay at home as much as possible. Otherwise, if the infection continues, the opening of school could be an issue.

-Vaccination priority to be given to school children - This is a hunch based on an interview by Dr Vivian on CNN where he stated that those 12-15 will be vaccinated before everyone else. 

Source: Today

6) Children to sit PSLE, O level oral exams in person this year

Oral Exams to continue as usual. Any change of plans could be disruptive to candidates preparation.

Source: ST

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