Daily Dose: We are back!

After a hiatus, Daily Dose is back.

For a while, we were glad that we do not have to do daily updates on Covid19. During that period, the situation had stabilised in Singapore. However, on Apr 29, where 16 community cases were introduced in a day, things started to change in Singapore.

Over the past 2 weeks, we had 4 days with double-digit community cases. Additionally, new Covid19 measures were implemented along with snippets of news throughout the day about Covid19 in Singapore. One might find it hard to catch up with the news, given that it is given in bits and pieces. After much thought, we decided to revive Daily Dose to consolidate the daily happenings. 

1) 25 New Covid19 cases, 13 community

3 Unlinked cases

Out of the 13 cases, 10 were linked to previous cases. The notable links were from Changi Airport Terminal 3  (7 cases). 3 other link cases were linked to unrelated cases. They are either family or close contact of known cases.

Among the linked cases, 3 were vaccinated before infection. The 3 that were infected were tested positive for the B1617 variant. We can assume that vaccination is not 100 % effective against infection, especially against the new variant. Additionally, symptoms such as the typical fever and cough were reported.

Source: MOH


2) VJC Student who tested positive for Covid19 is linked to Changi Airport Cluster

The student had visited Kopitiam food court at T3 on the same day as 2 other cases. This means that transmission may have occurred at the food court. The current variant is said to be spread easier than the original strain. With masks down at the food court, the risk of infection is higher. For cautiousness, do take note of safe distancing and cut down on conversations when dining outdoors.

Source: CNA


3) Construction companies may apply to adjust the value of their business contracts.

Prepare to pay a higher property price soon.

Source: Today


4) Man, 30 arrested for alleged racist attack on woman along with Choa Chu Kang Drive

Such acts cannot be condoned in Singapore. We need to put a stop to any potential racism brewing in society. That also means refraining from fanning the flames of racism with unwarranted remarks we made, especially online.

Source: Today


5) Starbucks at Plaza Singapura, LBC Express at Lucky Plaza added to the list of places Covdi19 cases were. 

Given the VJC student case, it is important to self-monitor especially if you had been to the locations identified where make wearing may not necessary.

Source: CNA


6 Covid19 vaccinations offered to staff members and students staying in university hostels.

Hostels are prioritised due to the close density and communal nature of living in the hostels

Source: CNA


7) Will there be Circuit Breaker 2?

We take a look at the numbers before the Circuit Breaker announcement last year. The good news is that we are still pretty far from the average cases reported today. Base on that alone, CB2 seems remote for now.

Source: TWD


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