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Daily Dose: Do More, Not Less or Just Enough

The spread among school children is intensifying. Within 6 days after confirming that a tutor at Learning Point @ Parkway Parade has Covid, 10 Primary schools have students and staff tested positive for Covid19. Additionally, several other tuition centres and student care centres have been linked to this cluster. The direct response was HBL which is to start tomorrow.

While we applaud the swift decision by MOE, there were telling signs that we are adopting a reactive policy instead of a proactive one. The first was the delayed decision to make it compulsory for tuition centres and enrichment centres to stop physical classes when cases began to emerge from such places. The second more glaring case was the decision of Maha Bodhi to continue school today despite having a student tested positive, breaking the SOP set where schools have immediate HBL when students are tested positive.

The rationale given above was that the student showed symptoms only after quarantine. Thus, according to the school, as per MOH, there is no need for close contact tracing. Therefore, the school can remain open. While the argument may have some medical reasoning, the facts presented are not exactly easing parent's anxiety. The student was on quarantine on May 14, tested positive on May 16. So technically, symptoms appear only 1-2 days after quarantine, not 1-2 weeks. Close contracts are not traced, and neither is the school disinfected. Given the short period, would it not be better to err on the side of caution? 

Incredibly, we received feedback from concerned parents that they are not allowed to absent their children from school today, else they would be marked as Absence without a valid reason. In some schools, that would constitute truancy and subject to a permanent stain on the student record, which may have implications in the future in terms of promotions/ retention, edusave, awards, and conduct grades. Given the current circumstances, we think schools should exercise flexibility and compassion.  

We have 149 local community cases in just one week. Given how the virus had mutated and the general concession that this virus is more contagious and as deadly as the original version, we should not be satisfied with just following the rules. At the end of the day, regardless if it is in school or in a general setting, we should Do more, not less or just enough

1) 28 Covid-19 cases

  • 21 Community
  • 7 Imported

Out of the 21 cases, 11 are unlinked. This brings the total number of unlink cases above 10 for the second consecutive days. Among the unlink is a student at NIE and a part-time private tutor, which implies possible exposure to students. There is also a teacher at Frontier Primary school and a student at Singapore Poly. All the unlinked cases have symptoms of Covid. According to medical experts, up to half of the positive cases do not have symptoms. As such, we can deduce that there remain undetected unlinked cases in the community.

4 linked cases are connected to Changi Airport Cluster, with one 8-year-old student from FuChun

1 additional link case, a 7-year-old student at Maha Bodhi was infected. She had also attended Seedings world Student Care @ Frankel and close contact of 63188, who was confirmed to be infected on 13 May. Maha Bodhi remains open for school today.

Other link cases include Wok Hey (White Sands) cluster, Marina Bay Sands Casino Dealer and close contacts of recent cases.

Dorms continue to be outstanding, with zero cases reported.

7 imported cases reported.

Source: MOH

2) 3 more primary schools have positive Covid19 cases

1 is an unlink case, 1 is a link to Learning Point and the other link to Changi Airport cluster

The schools are as follow

FuChun Primary - Student link to Changi Airport, School started HBL on Monday

Frontier Primary - Staff unlinked, School started HBL on Monday

Maha Bodhi - A student linked to Learning Point, School, remains open today.

Thanks to our readers, we broke the news on each school.

3) At least 2 student care centres have Covid19 cases

2 students are reported to have attended Seedings Word Student care @ Frankel , while 1 student was reported to have attended Step1 Student Care @ Woodlands

Student care remains open despite having cases linked to it. While we understand the rationale as it provides a support system for working parents. We urge parents who wfh to consider having their children stay with us instead of sending them to Student Care for now.

Source: TWD

4) Visitors to White Sands Shopping Mall from May 2 to May 11 urged to get tested for Covid-19

This is a fine example of DO MORE. If only policies could be consistent.

19 infectious cases are linked to the mall. Free testing can be done at the following location from May 18-May 31

- Former Da Qiao Primary School, 8 Ang Mo Kio Street 54
- Former Shuqun Secondary School, 450 Jurong East Street 21
- Former Coral Primary School, 20 Pasir Ris Street 51
- Former Bishan Park Secondary School, 2 Sin Ming Walk

Source: CNA

5) Singapore Poly moves all lessons online after 3 positive cases

2 more cases were reported yesterday

Source: Today

6) Singapore, HK defer travel bubble again.

Bubbles go pop pop pop.

They should really change the name if they want to try it for the 3rd time. Coincidently, we get a spike every time the bubble is announced. Perhaps we are destined not to have one.

Source: Today

7) NCID Director gives a dire warning in a post

He suggested the following points

- 40 to 50% infected would have no symptoms but remain infectious

- 10 % of unvaccinated may get sick enough to need oxygen

- virus could be transmitted despite masks and vaccination

Source: ST

8) The list of places visited gets longer and longer

Interestingly, affected tuition centres and student care centres are not on this list.

The malls include Bugis+, Thomson Plaza, Jurong Point, Suntec City, ION.     Orchard, 313@Somerset, Eastlink Mall, City Square Mall, Millenia  Walk and The Clementi Walk.

Among the eateries included are Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, Teck Gree Market & Food Centre, Shunfu Mart Food Centre, Fengshan Market & Food Centre, The Beef Station at 2 Tai Thong Crescent, Don Lechon at 511 Guillemard Road, Ling Ling by The Wine Company at 8 Dempsey Road and a McDonald's outlet at Toa Payoh HDB Hub.

Other locations in the list include Season Live Seafood on Pulau Ubin, the Wanyoo Cybercafe at Beauty World and Superbowl Keat Hong at Keat Hong Community Club.

Source: CNA

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