Fuchun Primary School has student with Covid19 case


Another Primary school announced a case with Covid19.

Fuchun Primary School is the 11th school in 3 weeks and the 9th primary school that has a positive Covid19 case. 

It was announced in a letter to the parent that there was a student tested positive for Covid-19 on May 16

The student was in close contact with a confirmed case outside school. There is no information on who is the contact. At the same time, the student was last in school and an external Student Care Centre ( Step 1Student Care) on 12 May.

This is the second case with links to Student Care Centre. Earlier, there was student or students tested positive from Seedings World Student Care.

The school has started their HBL on 17 May. They are the 9th school to have started their HBL on an earlier date.

The other schools are 

  1. Kong Hwa School
  2. Yio Chu Kang Primary
  3. Palm View Primary
  4. St Andrew's Junior School
  5. St Margaret's Primary
  6. Yu Neng Primary
  7. St Stephen's Primary
  8. Frontier Primary

For the full details of the individual cases, do refer to this list.

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