Full list of Tuiton Centers that has Covid-19 Cases

Covid-19 has breached enrichment centres.

The last few days had seen the emergence of positive Covid-19 cases in various tuition centers. To date, at least 5 centres are confirmed to have students or teachers tested positive for Covid-19. At least one tuition centre has been identified as a cluster. Some of the students had attended multiple centers and the cases may be duplicated.

The following are the Tuition Centres affected.

1 Learning Point @ Parkway Centre

Source: ST

  • 1 female tutor, age 50 (Reported 13 May)
  • 2 boys from St Stephens age 7 and 9 (Reported 14 May)
  • 4 Students from Kong Hwa (Reported 14 May and 15 May)
  • 1 boy from St Andrew's Junior School, age 9 (Reported 14 May)
  • 1 Student from St Margaret ( Reported 15 May)
  • 1 Student from Yu Neng Primary (Reported 15 May)
Source: MOE

2 Wang Learning Centre @ East Gate
Source: Streetdirectory

  • 1 girl from Kong Hwa School, age 9 (Reported 14 May) 
-She is from the Learning Point @ Parkway Parade Cluster

3 HCL Education Centre @ Katong V

  • 1 Student was positive. Identity not provided (Reported 14 May)

Base on report by 8world.

4 RMSS@ Parkway Centre

VJC Student was reported to have attended classes on May 5 (Reported May 8)

5 Berries World@ Mountbatten Campus

Source: Berries

  • 1 Student was positive. Identity not provided (Reported 15 May)

Last attended school on 11May

Base on report by 8world.

6 Berries World @ Bishan Campus

  • 1 Student was positive.Identity not provided. (Reported 15 May)
Last attended school on 8 May

Base on report by 8world.

7 Learning Lab @ United Square

  • 1 Student was positive. Identity not provided (Reported 15 May)

Last attended classes on  8 May

Source: ST + Base on report by 8world.

8 EduFirst Learning Point@ Hougang Green Shopping Mall

  • 2 Students from Yio Chu Kang Primary was positive (Reported May 13 and May 15)
  • 1 Student from Palm View Primary

9 Seedings World Student Care @ Frankel

  • 1 Student from St Stephen's
  • 1 Student from Maha Bodhi

10 CME Mental Arithmetic Centre @ Parkway centre

3rd Tuition  Centre with Covid19 exposure. Details are unknown.

Location was reflected in a daily report by MOH

11 Step One Student Care @ Woodlands Street 31

1 student from Fuchun had attended a class here on 12 May. The student was tested positive on 16 May and was a close contact of a confirmed case outside of school.

Source: FuChun Covid19 case

Update: As of May17 , all tuition and enrichment classes are to go online until 13 June.

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