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HBL Starts: Homework is not the only thing you need to Monitor

Daily Dose: HBL Starts

HBL starts today. While many parents will be trying to get through the day juggling WFH and HBL, HBL is not the only things that parents would worry about.

For parents with children from schools with confirmed Covid19 cases ( Currently, there are 13), the other thing they need to monitor would be the health of the children. Given that not all schools conduct close contact tracing, this is more worrisome as the schools did not identify the person or class of the student with Covid-19. I can imagine the anxiety that the parents face as my child is from one of the 13 schools affected.

Full list of Primary schools affected and details here

About 6 days back, when there were only 4 schools on the list, I mentioned that Primary Schools could be a super spreader. The risk now will be on the people in the same household. Given that many of us are WFH and HBL at the same time, the exposure would be unavoidable. The safe way is to wear a mask at home, but how many of us do it?

At this moment, it is best to stay at home. Avoid heading out, especially with kids in tow if you can. Skip maskless activities like a pool session or a play date. For the next few weeks, hunker down. 

This is a war and we are fighting with an invisible enemy. 

Stay home, Stay safe.

1) 38 new Covid19 cases

  • 27 Community cases
  • 11 Imported.

11 of the community cases are unlinked.

The 3rd straight day that we have double-digit unlinked community cases. The last time CB was introduced, it was after a week of consecutive days of double-digits cases. Given that this variant is more contagious than before, the more we should be cautious. 

Case Details

11 unlinked includes investment baker working at DBS Marina Bay Financial Tower. A clinic assistant at Dorothy's Baby and Child Clinic and even a WFH staff work had started working at home since May 6. All 11 have symptoms. Do note that NOT all Covid19 cases have symptoms. They can still be infectious without showing symptoms. 

3 more cases are linked to airport cluster

4 cases linked to Learning Point , it includes 2 students. One from CHIJ ( Katong) and the other from Catholic High School.

There are other links to other clusters including a 7-year-old student from Yuhua

For full details refer to MOH

Source: MOH


2) MOH strongly encourages people to stay home, go out for essential activities.

Instead of encouraging, the ministry should just enforce. As seen for the past 1 year of  Covid measures and impact in Singapore, encouragement often falls on deaf ears. It is time to step up and make that decision. It will be painful economically and mentally, but it is the most effective and assured way to stem the spread. Do it before resources run out.

Source : Today


3) Another 3 primary schools have students with Covid19

2 are linked to Learning Point and 1 linked to a separate cluster. Of the 3 schools, CHIJ (Katong ) Primary did not do contact tracing as the student was only tested positive after quarantine.

CHIJ ( Katong) Primary


Catholic High


Yuhua Primary School


4) Suspension of in Person Private Tuition and Enrichment for students age 18

This includes arts and craft, physical fitness activities and activities within private residence. All activities are to go online

Source: TWD


5) Free Swab test for visitors to JEM and WESTGATE shopping malls

If you have been to the malls from 10 to 14 May, you can get a free swab test.

Source: TWD


6) Vaccination approved for children from 12-15. Age 40-44 can register for jabs from Wednesday. 2nd Covid19 vaccine to be delayed to 6-8 weeks later

Vaccination is approved by HSA. The schedule is still being plan. In the meantime, registration is now opened for 40-44. 

Source: CNA


Source: ST


7) Wear a mask with high filtration

Suggested masks to be worn

  • Surgical masks
  • Masks with filter insertion such as those issued by People's Association and Temasek Foundation.
  • Avoid cloth or fashion mask
Source: ST


8) No such thing as a Singapore Virus

MOH took umbrage at Delhi official claim of the new Singapore Variant. Replied that the current strain in Singapore was originated from India.

Source: ST


9) Places visited by Covid19 cases while infectious

Coronation Shopping Plaza and Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre were on Tuesday (May 18) added to a list of public places visited by COVID-19 community cases during their infectious period.

The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building, an OCBC Bank branch in Toa Payoh Central and the Start Smart Learning Centre facility at Tampines Street 12 were also added to the list, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

You can also use your tracetogether app to check for possible exposure

Source: CNA


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