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It starts from a Tuition Centre


Daily Dose: It starts from a Tuition Centre

Do you feel the heat?

The announcement of 7 schools with students tested positive for Covid-19 had made the situation in school dire. It does not help that this situation originated from tuition centres when at least 8 tuition centres are known to have students tested positive. 

While it may be understandable why HBL is not imposed on all schools, it is a curiosity why tuition centres are still allowed to continue to have physical classes. Since tuition involves students from different schools, this inter-mingling would only mean that more schools will be 'forced' to HBL if cases are emerging from the Tuition Centre cluster. Without a firm directive, we are aware that some Tuition Centres continue to defy logic with Physical Classes.

As seen from previous policies, there had been calls from the public to be more proactive in our approach to Covid-19. While not all suggested policies are recommended, the appearance of proactive cannot be discarded. For example, gyms are announced to be close despite having zero infection from it. Yet when there are more than a dozen cases from tuition centres, the directive was to 'strongly encouraged to move lessons online' instead of a firm stop for physical closure. Such double standards baffle the man on the street. 

1) 31 new Covid19 cases

  • 19 Community cases
  • 12 Imported

Of the 19 community cases, 2 are unlinked.

The unlinked cases as are as follow

Case 63236

Case 63236 is a 53-year-old male Singaporean who works as a personal chauffeur. He developed a sore throat on 12 May and a fever the next day. He sought medical treatment at a General Practitioner (GP) clinic on 13 May, where he was tested for COVID-19. His test result came back positive for COVID-19 infection the next day. His serology test result is negative. He has tested preliminarily positive for the B1617 variant and is pending further confirmatory tests.

Case 63237

Case 63237 is a 49-year-old male Singaporean who is currently unemployed. He developed a sore throat on 12 May evening and sought medical treatment at a GP clinic the next day, where he was tested for COVID-19. His test result came back positive for COVID-19 infection on 14 May. His serology test result is pending. Case 63237 received his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine on 10 May.

Of the linked cases, 3 are linked to the tutor at Learning Point (63131). Of the 3, 2 are students at St Andrew's Junior School. Another 2 students are linked to the Sengkang Hospital cluster (63096). They are a 6-year-old boy from Palm View Secondary and a 7-year-old boy from Yio Chu Kang Primary. They were classmates of 63122 at EduFirst Learning Centre ( Hougang)

Source: MOH

2) 7 schools will be on HBL until May 28

7 schools with positive cases will be having HBL till May 28. They are as follow

  • Kong Hwa Primary Yio Chu Kang Primary
  • Palm View Primary
  • St Andrew's Junior School
  • St Magaret's Primary
  • Yu Neng Primary
  • St Stephen's School

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3) 8 Tuition Centres identified with students with Covdi-19

The students had attended classes while infectious

The 8 Tuition Centres as follows.

  • Learning Point@Parkway Parade
  • Wang Learning Centre @ East Gate
  • HCL Education Cnetre@ Katong V
  • Berries World @ Mountbatten
  • Berris World @ Bishan
  • Learning Lab @ United Square
  • Edufirst Learning Point @ Hougang
  • RMSS @ Parkway Centre

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4) Govt to roll out Covid19 vaccinations for those below 16, once approval for use is granted

This was announced by Chan Chun Sing. There are only vaccines approved by CDC ( US) for age 12-15. There is no vaccine approved for use for below 12. The current wave of infection is mostly centralised at Primary School. Somehow, this announcement missed the mark given the timing of the primary school wave.

In any case, why is the Minister of Education giving directives on what is seen to be under the privy of the Minister of Health?

Source: Today

5) Acknowledgement by MOH that Covid19 can spread in private transport.

The statement on cases 63259 and 62368 implies that transmission of the virus occurred in a private school bus. If that is the case, this would probably be the first time it was officially acknowledged that Covid19 can be spread via the transport system.

Source: MOH

6) Several Wang Learning Centre students to quarantine after sharing class with Learning Point Cluster

11 Students and a teacher are affected

Source: Today

7) Household members can go out in groups of more than 2 for 'essential activities

These activities include going to school or attending medical appointments. It did not specify if sports is an essential activity.

Source: CNA

8) Changi Airport to segregate flight arrivals from high risk countries

We were surprised to learn that this has not already been done, given that high risk counties had been identified for quite a while.

Source: Today

9) 5000 inmates, staff to be tested for Covid19 after cook at Changi Prison tests positive

One positive case led to mass testing of the whole place. At the same time, several positives cases did not lead to testing of close contacts at Primary schools. While we are not arguing about the policy, it would be good for MOH to clarify testing standards. 

Source: Today

10 ) 3 supermarkets and several eateries visited by Covid19 cases while infectious

Do be careful when you make your grocery run this weekend!

Source: CNA

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